For several years, Thailand, Japan, and Korea have been famous for its beautiful golf courses in Asia. However, Vietnam is currently the leading golfing destination on the continent. As such, golf in Vietnam has grown to become a major sporting and recreational activity. Visitors in and out of the country have complimented the country for the amazing stay-cations and the golfing experience.

Vietnam has some of the most luxurious golf resorts with aesthetic golf courses. Hoiana is among the best golf clubs in Vietnam. It lies along the coastline in the southeastern part of the country. It is the first-ever Robert Trent designed golf course with spectacular natural beauty. The golf course has 18 holes which provide a thrilling and challenging experience for golf enthusiasts. The golf courses in Vietnam are functional 24 hours throughout the week. They have bright lights on their course hence one can even play at night. Other than Hoiana, the numerous golf courses in the country have greatly impacted in golf in Vietnam.

For instance, because of golf, Vietnam has become a tourist destination for many people. This is despite the harsh history when the land was once a battlefield during the world wars. Nowadays, when it comes to planning a golf holiday, visitors tend to make reservations in the Vietnam golf resorts. Golf, therefore, is a significant foreign exchange earner in the country.

Golf in Vietnam kind of contrasts with golf in the United States. During golfing, a golfer needs to have a caddie. Caddies act like personal helpers and advisors to the golfers. Since many presume golf as a rich man’s game, the caddies are well paid.

The high seasons for golf in Vietnam are from October to April. During this time, there are no rains. Therefore, the upsurge in the number of tourists contributes to the economic development of the country. Meanwhile, the months of June and September don’t offer good golf holidays as they are months of heavy rains.


By Tomy

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