Tenerife is a large and beautiful island in the Canary archipelago. Holidays here are like a fairy tale – colorful sand, lush vegetation, warm ocean waters, exotic food, and many mysterious corners.

Tenerife got its name after the volcano Teide. The ancient locals called the island “snowy mountain. The volcano is visible from airplanes and ships. Tenerife has two sides: north and south. If you want to plunge into the lush tropical vegetation, go to the north of the island, and if you dream of wallowing in plenty of beaches with colored sand – go to the south.

Tenerife has a very mild climate, making it a year-round resort. Ocean water temperature does not drop below +19 ° C. During the summer, on average, it’s about +24 ° C. 

Why Tenerife?

Another advantage of Tenerife over the other Canary Islands is its developed infrastructure.

The peculiarities of accommodation play an essential role. Here, in addition to expensive hotels, apartment complexes are widespread. All apartments have an equipped kitchen, where you can always prepare lunch and dinner for your family. In addition, it is essential for parents with children to have a washing machine, which, as a rule, is also in the apartments. In the resorts of Tenerife are almost all the supermarkets in Spain, so you are unlikely to experience difficulties buying products, even specifically.

Excursions in Tenerife

The Canary Islands, including the most popular Tenerife, heard a lot. Here you can relax and enjoy the charming nature, which delights its diversity. See the mountain scenery, and do water activities. In addition, you can take a trip to Tenerife to discover the island’s most beautiful places, learn about the ancient culture of the Guanches, and get acquainted with the island’s main attractions.

Tenerife will delight you with a variety in everything, from the choice of entertainment to a wide range of tasty local cuisine. So whether you want to sunbathe on the beach or go on an extreme mountain adventure, Tenerife has plenty to offer. You can also get acquainted with the inhabitants of coastal waters and local forests, visit ancient temples and museums, see fascinating landscapes, dip into volcanic pools and taste the best creations of local culinary experts.

To relieve yourself of pondering what to choose and save time on entertainment, you can select the most exciting excursions for yourself and your family in Tenerife on the tourist service Club Canary. You can do this even before you fly to the Canary Islands at your convenience. There is an excellent selection of excursion programs with detailed descriptions of the route and visited attractions, so you can easily plan your vacation and make the most efficient use of your time.

Why choose Club Canary?

Almost all tourists who come to Tenerife are not limited to hotel entertainment and beach holidays nearby and want to book an excursion program to get better acquainted with the island itself and its surroundings. But where to buy excursions to Tenerife? 

Club Canary will help you get an idea of the island. You’ll see its most beautiful places, learn about its rich history and get an insight into its inhabitants’ culture and traditions, everyday life, and festivities. Club Canary offers excursions for all tastes. 

The main advantages of Club Canary are:

  • a wide range of services;

  • tours to any taste and any budget;

  • individual approach to each client;

  • easy booking cancellation policy;

  • privacy and reliability;

  • more than 3500 online reviews.

The company offers clients the most popular tours, modern payment methods, and a variety of travel conditions. Among the company’s services, there are both inexpensive and VIP tours so that each client will find the right conditions. Club Canary makes sure that you spend your holidays with pleasure. Managers are always ready to consult clients and choose the appropriate tour.

Among the proposed options, you are sure to find a tour for a family vacation, a romantic trip, a student vacation, or, for example, for recovery. Give yourself an unforgettable holiday, and Club Canary will help you with this.

Do I need a guide in Tenerife?

The advantage of vacationing on the island is combining beach and sightseeing holidays. Local attractions are worth seeing, and a private guide in Tenerife, perfectly aware of the history, speaking the language will help to see the unique places of the island. From a practical point of view, you can try and do without a guide in Tenerife. Good roads are paved to all attractions, and renting a car and fuel will not cost you much. Driving around the island on your own is quite a good option.

However, there are some disadvantages to traveling on your own.

  • First, it is a waste of precious vacation time to prepare: lay the route, find interesting information, choose places of stops and snacks;

  • Secondly, not everyone likes to be behind the wheel, especially coming back in the evening from far away;

  • Thirdly, no guidebook will tell and show everything that a good guide can show. It is unique knowledge, interesting local stories, and places that are not in the guidebooks.

Guide to Tenerife is a must. The island is large and sometimes dangerous so unprepared tourists can be demanding. And the number of attractions to visit is just off the scale. And only a guide can help to see the maximum number of exciting places and avoid the typical mistakes of independent tourists. Too much time is spent due to a lack of knowledge of the local realities.

The benefits of professional tours of Tenerife with an experienced guide are apparent. A good guide is an opportunity to learn about the history of Tenerife, and local traditions, listen to exciting stories about the Canary Islands and get a lot of positive emotions. 

Best excursions in Tenerife

ATV tours

Tenerife quad tours are stable and fast four-wheeled motorcycles that accommodate the driver and passenger. They are considered a reliable and safe transport, suitable even for beginners. Thanks to the wide wheels, this vehicle has the excellent off-road ability and feels great on Tenerife’s forest and mountain trails. There are several types of ATV rides:

  • ATV excursions in El Teide;

  • Off-road excursions;

  • A trip through the woods;

  • ATV trips at night;

  • Private ATV tours.

The rides for these off-road motorcycles are organized in different parts of the island. On average, they last from an hour to two, but there can be longer itineraries that take more than 4 hours.

The most popular buggy tours in Tenerife

Tenerife buggy safaris are an active and even somewhat extreme tour for the whole family, which will do an excellent job of dispelling boredom after a monotonous beach vacation. 

For an inexpensive trip, you can get an unforgettable experience of a fast ride in small cars and see the most beautiful locations in the region, such as Teide. 

A complete buggy tour program usually takes no more than 3.5 hours, but during this time, you can fully enjoy the region’s unique wildlife and even touch its rich cultural heritage.

Air Tours

Tourists love the Canary Islands because of the perfect even wind that blows all year long. Due to the steep mountains and proximity to the sea, the best place for paragliding is Fasnia, where it can descend 2300 meters to the shore. 

Paragliding will be a highlight of your vacation. You don’t need special physical skills to fly in tandem. The flights are available even to people with disabilities.

Also, an excellent option would be to try helicopter tours or book a private helicopter transfer around the island. Advantages of this type of entertainment are many: 

  • There is a unique opportunity to take an air tour over the island and see any attraction of the island of Tenerife;

  • You will be in earphones the whole flight, allowing you to be in constant communication with the pilot. You can learn more about each place to see the most prominent and unique places in Tenerife, over which you will fly;

  • A helicopter flight is ideal for professional photography and videography;

  • The flight can also be a perfect gift for a birthday, anniversary, honeymoon, or as a surprise for your family or your sweetheart during your vacation, especially since helicopter tours in Tenerife are affordable.

Sea excursions

Of water activities worth looking at: 

  • Jet skiing. Jet skis are one of the most popular activities in Tenerife, so during the high season, try to book a jet ski trip in advance to be able to choose the most convenient time;

  • Fishing. Fans of fishing will surely enjoy this development. The coastal waters of Tenerife are rich in fish. An experienced captain knows the spots where the fish are well caught, so staying without a catch is virtually impossible;

  • Kayaking. Kayaking in Tenerife is an affordable and safe pleasure for ocean lovers of any age. During an exciting kayaking trip, you can get close to inaccessible beautiful places from the ocean side.

  • Turtle safari. The volcanic islands are ideal for diving. You can explore fabulous underwater caves and gorges in the clear water and get a close-up look at turtles.

Most water sports require learning, but the options listed, for example, don’t require that at all. Instead, these are great ways to have fun and have fun on your Tenerife vacation.

Off-road tours: Jeeps

Jeep tours are top-rated in Tenerife. You can take part in a jeep safari in any part of the island. Jeep off-road tours are exciting rides in a small group on unpaved trails. You can ride off-road only when accompanied by a guide, who will also tell you interesting facts about the volcano and the island.

Sea walks

For those who love the fresh sea breeze and the waves and enjoy the sea scenery, one of the best things you can do is take a boat trip to Tenerife.

You go on a fascinating journey with friends, on a yacht, catamaran, or pirate ship, under the guidance of an experienced captain. Voyage to Tenerife can be very different. You can go to the coast of Los Gigantes, and watch dolphins, whales and sea turtles. 

Many people wonder if they will see dolphins and whales. According to local guides, you can almost always see dolphins. You can have a lot of fun watching them play, jump, etc. You can see black dolphins off the coast of Playa de Las Americas, or rather between the islands of La Gomera and Tenerife. Near Los Gigantes, there is a high probability of seeing bottlenose dolphins. 

With whales, the case is more complicated. So here is how lucky you are – you can either see or not. A similar situation with sea turtles. But even if you are not fortunate enough to see everything you want, the boat trip to Tenerife will leave an unforgettable experience.

Outdoor excursions

Tenerife excursions offered by Club Canary:

  • A bicycle tour is ideal to see as many of the island’s wonders as possible. You’ll take challenging climbs and descents on the smooth, tarmac highway against a backdrop of fantastic scenery;

  • A walking tour is a great way to learn about and see Tenerife’s most exciting places. In the company of professional guides, travelers will peek into the most secluded corners of the city and learn more about its history and architecture;

  • Climbing to Teide is a stunning combination of ethereal volcanic scenery and diverse vegetation. Volcano Teide (3,718 m) is Spain’s highest peak and the highest in the Atlantic Ocean.


Tenerife is the heart of the Canary Islands archipelago, where every tourist can easily find an activity to his liking. Here and beach holidays, water activities, walks through the most beautiful places on the island, mountain climbing, and numerous historical sites. It is here you can feel all the atmosphere and energy of wildlife and have a good rest!

Choose the places you want to see, make your travel plans and go on an adventure on the island of eternal spring. A Tenerife tour will help diversify your leisure time on the island. Tenerife has beautiful beaches and its unique culture, dating back to long before the Spaniards arrived on the island.



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