Greece is a country where the past meets the present. Literature, mathematics, architecture, astronomy, philosophy, and other sciences originate precisely in Greece.  What’s more, this is a hospitable country that gladly accepts those who strive for luxury travel in Greece. So, let’s find out some insights into the magical Greek holidays. 

Greek Resorts for Any Taste

The weather in this country allows for the beach season to last from May to October. The sea breeze and low humidity make it easy to endure the hot weather and enjoy the sights. There are several of the most popular tourist destinations:

  • Athens: This is a real gem of the country, where you can go back in time.
  • Santorini: It is famous for its volcanic beaches and is one of the most romantic destinations in Greece.
  • Mykonos: This destination has become number one for those who strive for luxury. There are hotels and restaurants, and the Greek untouched nature in this place is quite rich too. 
  • Crete: Here you can enjoy the waters of three seas at once and complement your impression of Greece with the impression of this picturesque island.
  • Rhodes: This place is very popular not only among beach hunters but also extreme lovers. Here you can enjoy windsurfing, rock climbing, and diving.
  • Corfu: This resort is considered fashionable and is often called an emerald destination due to the abundance of cypress trees.
  • Naxos: It is a very green place that also attracts tourists to enjoy windsurfing.

Attractions and Cuisine

There is no point in talking about the sights of Greece, because everything, from nature to people, looks amazing. There are many amazing places and historical monuments that will become a guide to the world of antiquity. Whichever destination you choose, you will be amazed at how unique Greece is.

As for the cuisine, here you will find an abundance of seafood, meat dishes, cheeses, and even wine. Therefore, a vacation in Greece can also be a gastronomic journey.

Hotels VS Villas

If luxury and privacy matter most for you during your Greek holidays we’ve got you covered, there are a lot of alternatives to choose from.

In this case, a villa is the most preferable option compared to a hotel. So, no matter which direction you choose, it is important to take care of the right private villas in Greece. A stay in Greece alone can make you feel like a god, and the right villa will complement this picture completely.

By the way, villas in Greece combine antiquity with the latest interior design solutions. Combining such different things together may seem unreal but in Greece, it all becomes a reality. Spacious white villas are full of luxury, although everything looks unique. Therefore, if you want your vacation to be truly magical, then choose a luxury villa located on any of the famous Greek resorts.

The Bottom Line

Greece has a lot to offer its tourists. Here, comfortable and luxurious accommodation is successfully combined with white and deserted beaches, untouched nature, extreme sports, and intense excursion routes. Choose what you like best and spend your next vacation in one of the finest Greek villas.


By Tomy

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