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When to Visit Maui ...

Hotel prices soar during the months of December to March in Maui, but this does not stop tourists from visiting this amazing island. Whales can be spotted in this season, though waters around some well-known places many seem too rough for swimmers to take a dip. Pleasant temperature during this season is another reason why travelers consider it as the best time to visit Maui and enjoy their vacations. Another peak season of Maui is during summers, and it falls between the months of June and August. There is a heavy influx of families around this time of the year, as most of them have their vacations and many festivals are celebrated during this season in Maui. But, surfers would find it a bit disappointing as waters are a lot warmer and calmer. These peak seasons are the best time to go to Maui for tourists, but they would have to book their accommodations or tour packages well in advance.

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In the months of April and May, there is a rise in temperatures of this island. For airlines and hotels, this is a shoulder season; but for tourists, this is a wonderful opportunity to get discounted rates on their hotel bookings or airfares. Another good time to have lower prices on hotels and airline tickets is between the months of September and November. Tourists visiting around this time can have many things to do in Maui besides enjoying some great views. Occasional rains can be experienced on this island, but they do not cause any form of inconvenience for tourists. Some of the travelers who have a liking for rain would feel pleased to be in this region during such times and enjoy all marvelous sights of the surroundings. They would savor the views of vast natural landscapes in the midst of a serene atmosphere, when they travel to different places in this region on such occasions.

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