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Shopping in Nassau...

Shopping in Nassau and Paradise Island is quite an experience as there are many places which offer variety of items for tourists. Most of them are situated very close to hotels or resorts in this region. Some travelers like to visit downtown Nassau for a wonderful shopping experience, while a few others take a water taxi to Paradise Island to explore its markets.

Festival Place: This architectural masterpiece in downtown Nassau appears to be a Bahamian village and reminds people of a bygone era when craftsmen and artisans lived in small communities on the island. Visitors get the opportunity to buy authentic Bahamian souvenirs and craft items of highest quality in this area. A tour desk available at this place provides valuable information on the islands of The Bahamas.

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Bay Street: This exciting shopping area in Nassau runs through downtown, lined with many shops and cafes. It is located near many of the shops and hotels, which offers a great deal of convenience for tourists. One can find plenty of stores that feature items from the world's most popular and high-end brands such as Gucci and Versace. Also, there are many shops selling cigars that can be of great interest for some visitors. For budget travelers, there are certain shops which offer heavy discounts on some of the items sold in them.

Straw Market: Excellent straw works are on display in this traditional crafts market of The Bahamas. Hats, baskets and other straw items available in this place have different styles attributed to each of the islands. Straw Market is an ideal destination for visitors to pick up souvenirs such as hats, wood carvings and any of the authentic handcrafted items. They can also have an opportunity to bargain for a good price.

The Bahamas Craft Center: Located on Paradise Island, this fabulous paradise of arts and crafts has its own unique style of architecture. At this interesting place, tourists can have a great experience of watching craftsmen at work. It has many stalls where visitors can take their own time scrutinizing items put up on display while artisans continue with their work.

Potter’s Cay: While this place on Paradise Island is great for having excellent seafood, it also has certain shops where tourists can buy some good souvenirs. Also, there are places in this area where one can find beautifully-made straw hats and bags.

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