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Shopping in Maui ...

Paia Town: One of the well-known spots for windsurfing, this beach town has many impressive boutiques. This area is one of the best places for shopping in Maui as tourists can get variety of items, including custom-designed jewelry made by various artisans. Clothing, especially beach wear, can be purchased from several shops in areas that sell such items. Also, while touring Paia, there are places where travelers can get fresh organic food produce.

Front Street: This place is a must-see for surfing enthusiasts as they can get popular surf brands like Maui Built and Hurley. Whether it is a good Maui shopping mall or a specialty shop that tourists are looking for, this area would never disappoint them. Jewelries available in some of the stores are usually crafted in the shape of sea urchins, dolphins or sea turtles.

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Wailuku's Market Street: It has a lineup of some unusual shops that attracts the attention of tourists taking a stroll along the street. Many of them offer some fabulous shopping Maui has to offer, which includes stores selling antiques and plenty of other collectibles. Those having a stroll would also be treated with some live entertainment by a group of local artists.

Makawao: It is a small town which is full of small shops and boutiques that sell fantastic pieces of art, clothes and souvenirs. Visitors can also find a famous shop where they have the opportunity to watch glass blowing. As Makawao is a town of cowboys, tourists would also find cowboy gear in some shops.

Kihei: A long strip consisting of several malls, tourists can find many fast-food outlets and plenty of other attractions in Kihei. Visitors can shop for the items of their choice ranging from sunglasses and kids' wear to swimsuits and shoes.

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