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Places to visit in Toronto...

The explicit Toronto tourist attractions bring millions of visitors every year to this island city. This is possible due to the variety in the attractions from historical, cultural to modern commercial attractions. The splendid places to visit in Toronto are

Niagara Falls
The incredible iconic attraction of Canada since many years just an hour’s drive from Toronto is the grandeur of splashing waters called Niagara Falls. A compulsory destination of the Canadian travel itineraries gushing a huge 750,000 gallons of water per second right in front of you is pretty impressive by all means. This invigorating experience can be enjoyed from the top the Table Rock which allows you to stand a stone’s throw away from the edge of Horseshoe Falls. The views of the falls both close as well as distant are really mesmerizing. If you are more excited and want an aerial view you can hover on the vicinity of the falls in Helicopters.

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CN Tower
It is one of the iconic landmarks of Canada. Once holding the title of the tallest building in the world CN tower, a high rising around 1,815 feet tall structure still attracts millions of tourists expecting a exciting bird's eye view of Toronto and its surroundings. The top floor restaurant gives a fascinating impression on munching on the top of the world. The brilliant glass elevator takes you to the nearly thousand feet high indoor/outdoor observation deck with a portion of the floor is kept purposely transparent. Located in downtown Toronto it was named as Canadian National or in short CN tower. This tower one of the engineering and architectural wonder of the world is the pride of the city and the nation. As night advances in Toronto, the tower splashes with unbelieving lighting combinations.

Royal Ontario Museum
The old Royal Ontario Museum established in 1912 was recently expanded and renovated. The huge collections of this museum honor it as the largest museum in North America. The Museum’s highlights includes skeletons of Allosaur Dinosaurs, an 850 BC Egyptian sarcophagus of the Djedmaatesankh mummy and Acropolis in Athens model and. The Chinese treasure in the museum includes a Tomb dating back to the Ming dynasty. The objects brought to be displayed in the Museum are from twelve research areas. The galleries include display of birds, reptiles and bats.

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