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Places to visit in Paris...

Paris is the dream destination of many travelers in Europe and Asia and it deserves this status because of its beautiful bunch of incredible destinations packed in and around the city. They include great historic monuments, places of cultural grandeur and fascinating museums with huge collection of art and architectural relics. In order to get a quick glance at the marvels of the city Paris tour a half day guided tour is the best. In this tour you can pay short visits to some of the wonders of Paris including Champs Elysées, Eiffel Tower, Louvre, Orsay Museum, Notre-Dame Cathedral, Montmartre & Sacre Coeur. During this tour you must be quick enough to take photographs of these incredible places. This tour works good for those who are on a short trip otherwise you will have to spend at least one week in this wonderful city and visit following few attractions comfortably.

Notre Dame
This masterpiece of architecture is located on the Île de la Cité an island located in heart of Paris. Even though this religious monument is not the largest cathedral in the world it is the most popular one. This is the official seat of the Archbishop of Paris, which is built in a fascinating Gothic style between 12th and 14th centuries. Flying buttresses were experimented for the first time during its construction. Its uniqueness lies in its incredible statues and stained glass windows. Some of the reasons of its popularity are its huge organs and its colossal church bells. This piece of architecture was unfortunately destroyed many times but was again restored and preserved. Prior to the construction of this important religious center of France many other structures were built at the location like Jupiter temple of Romans, a Christian basilica of 6th Century and a Romanesque church.

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Eifel tower
This great symbol of Paris is more popularly known throughout the world. It is the pride of not only Paris, but whole of France. This iconic structure once the tallest structure in the world is supposed to be the best known landmark of Europe. Included in every Paris tour itineraries, this three hundred meters tall unique structure is visible from many places in its vicinity. Visiting France and not visiting Eifel tower is highly a rare option. It was built for the world exhibition in 1889 to celebrate French revolution of 1789. The structure which was meant merely for the celebrations is standing erect after so many centuries. This makes it clear that the methods and material used in its construction were really incomparable. Gustave Eiffel was the man and the brain behind the design and construction of this tower.

The Louvre
Originally constructed as a royal palace on the banks of Seine River, Louvre is the world’s largest and most popular museum. Originally constructed in 1793 and housing incomparable art of France this is the most popular attraction among the tourists. It is renowned for some of its celebrated art work like Mona Lisa and the Venus of Milo. Louvre was ordered by king and built as a fortress to resist possible enemy attacks. It was reconstructed in 16th Century to serve as a Royal palace. After many years in 1793 it was transformed into a fine art Museum.

Champs Elysées
The Avenue des Champs-Elysées is the most famous avenue in the world. In 16th Century this area was only bare land area outside Paris. The promenade, now called 'Grande Allée du Roule' or 'Grand-Cours’ was later built which became a fashionable place but was still isolated from the city. After a long period of twenty seven years this area was renamed as 'Champs-Elysées', derived from the Greek word ‘Elusia’ which in English means Elysian Fields. Elysée serves as the residence of the French Presidents since 1873. Champs-Elysées is used for all the major celebrations in Paris like New Year's Eve or the military parades held on the 14th of July.

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