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Monuments/Historical Places/Forts in Dubai ...

Not only Dubai but the whole of UAE which now comprise of seven Emirates was nothing but a patch of desert near Arabian Gulf. Invention of oil in this region totally inverted the faith of this land. The inhabitants mostly engaged in destructive activities started getting settled and moved towards a bright future. This transformation phase of the region is well preserved in the Historical places of Dubai. Some of the important historical places to visit in Dubai are

Dubai Museum

This is the ideal place to have a fast review of Dubai’s fast pace developments before oil exploration started in the region. The Museum once residence of Dubai rulers is the oldest building in Dubai. Every little thing related with the past of the city like old time fishing boats and traditional huts are carefully preserved here. The carved wooden doors, local handicraft, old time instruments and even weapons are perfectly displayed so as to get clear cut idea of the bygone days of this Emirate. Multimedia presentation available in the first room explains the growth of Dubai from a small fishing village and trading post to the present day megacity. Presentation in the form of un-scaled model of the city showing its old bazaars called souq, desert camp, school and other facilities. Traditional ornaments, costumes, desert flora, fauna and dhow boat building details are displayed in other rooms of the Museum.

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Heritage House

This house a wealthy trader’s house which belonged to Sheikh Ahmed bin Dalmouk offers best opportunity to view the inside of rich pearl merchant’s residence in Dubai. It is located in Diera Dubai near Dubai creek. The construction made out of gypsum and coral and the spacious rooms are enveloped by a central courtyard and lengthy verandahs. Display in the form of Videos give better idea about every little feature of routine life of those days and about the traditional games of the past. Location of kitchen away from the rooms in the corner with cooking utensils used in those times gives a rough picture of the lifestyle of the past Dubai residents.

Bastakiya Quarters

This heritage site located in Bur Dubai is oldest among such historical places of Dubai and achieved its name from the Iranian town Bastak. Bastakiya Quarters supposed to be the last wind tower quarters left in this region. These are the preserved residences of the wealthy families residing in this area. The rooms are beautifully ventilated by wind towers standing on the walls of this houses bringing fresh cool air into the houses which is sort of air-conditioning system of the old days. The houses appearing rough from outside are glittery from inside especially the superficially decorated courtyards which seem to be a contrast.

Al Fahidi fort

This ancient fort in Bur Dubai attracts large number of tourists to this place. The fort retains its calm and serenity amongst busiest part of the city. Built in 1799 and expanded later the walls of this fort were built by shell rubble and coral which was glued together using lime as the binder. The ancient fort now houses a collection of the age old marvels called Dubai Museum. These monuments and historical places are counted among the forefront Dubai attractions.

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