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Local Transport in Punta Cana...

Tour Operators: Tourists traveling to Punta Cana can arrange local transportation through tour operators. Their representatives are present at Punta Cana International Airport for assisting travelers who have booked their services. Gathering necessary information about hotels and tourist attractions in advance would make the trip very pleasant and easy. As internet has made its presence felt everywhere, these services can be booked online on websites of tour operators.

Taxis: Those who have not booked a tour operator's services can hire a taxi from the ones available outside airport. Standard rates apply for all taxis and drivers often carry a copy of them. But, there are some drivers who demand a much greater fare for a ride of twenty minutes. Tourists in need of transportation to the airport from their hotel or resort can get to nearest taxi stand on foot. Another way to avoid being overcharged is to clarify the destination and price in advance.

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Buses: If travelers are not in a hurry to reach their chosen destination, local buses are available at much lower costs. These buses are infamous for irregularity and they are mostly crowded with many passengers. But, it is considered as another alternative for local travel as passengers are taken safely to their destinations.

Rent-a-Car: Presence of several car rental agencies in Punta Cana makes it easier for tourists to rent a car to their hotel or airport. But, this service is not recommended while traveling across many destinations within the region as drivers often ignore stop signs and speed limits. Getting stuck in the midst of heavy traffic at several places is also a major hurdle while traveling in these vehicles.

Motoconchos: Reaching a particular destination at cheaper rates is made possible with the help of Motoconchos. But, considering the high accident rates and helmets not being provided for passengers, tourists are forced to think twice before hiring them.

Walking: For tourists staying at a resort that has all amenities and is located close to the beach, there is no need to hire a taxi or private vehicle. In this way, they would have no problems getting ahead in case of heavy traffic and also feel absolutely safe.

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