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Local Transport in Nassau ...

Water Taxi: For over fifty years, Nassau Water Taxi has been providing cost-effective transportation between mainland and Paradise Island. Private water taxis also provide trips to other islands and cays.

Car: There are many car-rental companies in Nassau that provide cars and vans on rent for tourists. On the Out Islands, drivers need to be careful as roads are in a bad state along with poor lighting. Some of these companies prefer to rent cars only to tourists who are over 25 years of age, but generally, the preferred age is 21 years or older.

Find a Cheap Car Rental in Nassau for smoother local transport

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Motor Scooter: In Nassau, there are several places from where tourists can get motor scooters on rent. It is a convenient and much cheaper way to visit various locations on the island, but drivers need to be careful as roads are narrow and really bad at some places.

Jitneys: These are private minibuses that are licensed to operate on certain routes. They can be a better option as public transportation is not available at airports or Out Islands. Also, there are only few hotels that are permitted to operate transfer service for tourists who have booked accommodations with them.

Taxi: Licensed taxis abound in the region, as they are primary mode of local transport in Nassau. Fortunately, their fares are fixed by the government and travelers need not bargain for a specific rate.

Ferry: For getting to various islands in Bahamas from Nassau, high-speed ferries can be used. Slower ferries are also available to certain places, but they take much longer time to reach their destinations. It is advisable to check their schedules as they operate on different days in a week.

Inter-Island Flights: A fast and convenient way of transportation within Bahamas is by boarding a flight. People travelling in groups can also have an economical option in the form of private charter planes.

Bicycle: The most convenient, cheap and environment-friendly option to go around Nassau is Bicycle. Most of the resorts and hotels in this region provide bikes on rent, but tourists have to ensure that these bicycles have padded seats. There are some local bicycle providers as well, but travelers have to check out their rates in advance.

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