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Local Transport in Montego Bay...

Many cruises that go around the Caribbean often make a halt at Montego Bay. For international and domestic tourists travelling by air, Sir Donald Sangster International Airport serves as an access to Montego Bay. They can be transferred to their hotels or resorts using buses, vans or taxis. Such transfers can be arranged well in advance through phone or internet and by visiting counters of transport companies on arrival at the airport. There are many options for Local Transport in Montego Bay but it is advisable that Tourists hire only a government-approved or insured vehicle, to ensure safety while getting around this city.

Taxis: It would be of great help if the staff of hotel or resorts where tourists have arranged their stay can call a taxi for them. When visiting places that are not very often frequented by travelers, it can be a great mode of transport. But, it is essential that tourists negotiate a reasonable fare before they get into a taxi. Small cars called 'Route Taxis' can be used to cover shorter distances. There are many such Route Taxis and their fares are also much cheaper when compared to other taxis.

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Mini Buses: The Montego Bay Transportation Centre would have several mini buses waiting for passengers. When each of these buses fills up, they take the passengers to their destinations at rates cheaper than taxis. Though air-conditioning is not available, people can get to enjoy a Hollywood movie at times when travelling longer distances. Another great aspect of these mini buses is that they do not make too many stops.

Municipal Buses: In the year 2000, a municipal bus service was introduced by Montego Bay Metro, a private enterprise that was set up to manage the operating of a dedicated school bus service in this city. Eight buses provide services on three routes, namely, Greenwood to City Centre, Cambridge to City Centre and Sandy Bay to City Centre.

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