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Local Transport in Maui ...

Bus and Shuttle Services: Availability of a new public bus service and the presence of many shuttle services have offered greater convenience for tourists in getting to the desired places from Kahului Airport or any other location. The rates of Hawaii public transportation are very reasonable and almost all of them stop at all major resorts, hotels, condos and shopping complexes. Tourists can get schedules of these transport services from concierge of hotels where they have booked their accommodation.

Taxis and Limousines: Over the past few years, many taxi and limousine companies have opened up on the island, offering a comfortable ride for tourists. Taxis are expensive and fares are based entirely on the distance that is traveled, as all of them use meters. Limousines are even costlier, making them affordable only to a few tourists who would be willing to spend a big amount for luxurious travel. They often skip Maui public transportation in order to travel comfortably with the best of facilities inside their elegant vehicles.

Find a Cheap Car Rental in Maui for smoother local transport

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Car Rentals: Many travelers consider car rentals as the best option for touring Maui, as it is a good alternative to expensive taxis and limousines. Plenty of car rental companies compete against each other for business, resulting in better services as compared to public transportation in Maui with reduced prices. Tourists are advised to reserve their preferred vehicle in advance during peak seasons. Making a comparison of rates offered by different car rental companies can also help them in getting the best price for renting a vehicle.

Motorcycle Rentals: Tourists can also move around in style on a Harley Davidson while touring Maui. Motorcycle rentals are available for tourists who are over 21 years of age, in possession of credit card of a leading bank and having a valid license for driving motorcycles.

Scooter or Moped Rentals: For getting around towns or going to a beach, mopeds or scooters are a cost-effective option. Tourists can find service providers listed in the directories who offer these vehicles at much lower prices. But, if tourists are planning day trips or intend to travel longer distances, these vehicles may not be suitable.

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