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Monuments/Historical Places/Forts in Toronto...

Tourists can get well versed with the concept of public art after arriving in Toronto which is defined as art that is in the public realm. It might be aural or visual, functional, as well as inspirational. Public art can be permanent or temporary; it can stand out as a unique and arresting detail or event. There are around two hundred City-owned pieces of outdoor public art and historical monuments. They are in City parks, streets, squares and subway stations, and on the grounds of municipal buildings. Some of the historic masterpieces and monuments of Toronto are

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Fort York
This fort built by Lt.-Governor John Graves Simcoe played a major role in the development of Toronto, which was originally built with logs and was replaced with better structure in 1790s First constructed to guard the burgeoning city, Fort York has actually witnessed only one battle, The fort has not been a part of another battle since its reconstruction. Presently it serves as a museum of the largest collection of War of 1812 buildings in Canada. It is open year-round and can be visited with guided tours. The fort location also hosts a number of events throughout the year including the Canada Day celebrations, Masonry fair, battle re-enactments and the annual beer festival.

Ontario Veterans War Memorial
Located on the south lawn of Queens Park this ninety-eight feet long granite wall is dedicated as Veterans war memorial. Apart from the images etched into granite by laser the wall also includes inscriptions from author Jane Urquhart. An advisory committee was appointed to take care of the memorial. This historic wall was completed in 2006 but officially. The wall was completed in 2006 and was officially uncovered on September 16, 2006. It is nicely describing scenes of Canadian military role in peach and times of war. The most recent being “The Campaign against Terror".

Fort Rouillé
This fort was built in 1750 by the French who settled in this region and abandoned in 1759. The fort was also called Fort Toronto which is located next to Lake Ontario. The seven years old war between France and Britain for establishing supremacy over North America spelled the Fort Rouillés end. The fort site is now used as an Exhibition Place.

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