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Monuments/Historical Places/Forts in Nassau...

French Cloister: Located within Versailles Gardens on Paradise Island, it was originally built in south of France during 12th century and was recently shipped to this area and reconstructed after a couple of years. This place offers great relief during hot seasons when tourists are in search of a shady area.

Government House: It is an important landmark in Nassau, built during the eighteenth century. Having Georgian-style architecture, it is the official residence for Governor General of Bahamas. Facade of this mansion is painted in pink and white, with a statue of Christopher Columbus in its front. It has been built on an elevated area overlooking Hill Street and its entrance is supported by columns and has a steep staircase. Though visitors are not allowed to enter the mansion, they can watch the ‘Changing of the Guards’ ceremony on Saturday mornings at 10:00.

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Blackbeard's Tower: It is a cut-stone tower believed to have been built by the famous pirate, Edward Teach, popularly known as 'Blackbeard'. He used it as a lookout tower and in recent times, tourists use it to get amazing views of the surroundings.

Nassau Public Library and Museum: Located at the south of Parliament Square, it was the first building constructed in the square in 1797. During those times, it was used as a prison; but it was converted to a library and museum in the year 1879. Visitors can find a huge collection of Arawak artifacts, books, colonial documents, historic prints and newspapers.

Parliament Square: It is located near central Nassau, closer to Rawson Square and Royal Victoria Gardens. It also has many landmarks such as Supreme Court and Nassau Public Library and Museum.

Fort Fincastle: This amazing fort was built in late eighteenth century by Viscount Fincastle, also known as 'Lord Dunmore'. It has been built on Bennet's Hill and can be reached by climbing Queen's Staircase. A guided tour to this ancient fortress is highly recommended and there are many shops close to it where tourists can buy some souvenirs.

Fort Charlotte: It is the largest fort of The Bahamas, which offers great views of Nassau. Built in 1788 when Lord Dunmore was the governor, it is considered to be an important fort of Nassau.

Fort Montague: Peter Bruce, a military engineer, had built this fort in 1741 for the protection of Nassau Harbor’s eastern entrance. It is the oldest fort of Bahamas and was also used by Americans for a certain period during American Revolutionary War.

Gregory's Arch: Named after John Gregory, who was the governor of Bahamas during the mid-nineteenth century, this arch is located at an intersection of the streets of Market and Duke. It also separates downtown from the neighborhood of Grant's Town.

Queen's Staircase: Believed to have been carved out of a solid cliff by slaves in the late eighteenth century, this staircase was named to honor Queen Victoria. A narrow road that leads to this site has a straw market along it where tourists can buy souvenirs.

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