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Monuments/Historical Places/Forts in Montego Bay...

Fort Montego: Located in the St. James parish, this fort was built to guard Montego Bay from enemies. A Jamaican historian named Edward Long had found this fort in a bad state and concluded that it was inefficient for repairs. It houses four big guns and five smaller ones and sits amidst beautiful natural surroundings.

Rose Hall Great House: Well-known in entire Jamaica, this hall was built in late eighteenth century and is surrounded by a plantation spread over a massive area of around 6500 acres. Much of its fame is due to its former occupant, Annie Palmer. She was a witchcraft practitioner who took slaves and had them killed after a certain period. There are many ghost stories associated with it, but visitors have described this house as a shining example of prosperity and architectural grandeur of Jamaica during the colonial era.

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Burchell Memorial Church: Reverend Thomas Burchell resided in this 19th century monument and it was here that Samuel Sharpe served as a Deacon. When a peaceful antislavery movement turned violent, this church was burnt down by rioting slave-owners and was rebuilt within ten years. It opens daily for tourists and can be visited at any point of time during the day.

Montego Bay Courthouse: This particular structure was built in the year 1774 and is famous as a place where slave leader Samuel Sharpe was tried. He served as a Deacon in Burchell Church, but went on to lead the Jamaican Baptist War. In 1975, he was proclaimed as a National Hero of Jamaica by the government.

The Cage: Situated in the north-west of Sam Sharpe Square, this small structure built with bricks and cut stone was used as a temporary jail. Drunken sailors and runaway slaves were put in this overnight lock-up. Originally built using wood in the year 1806, it was replaced by current brick-stone structure sixteen years later.

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