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Monuments/Historical Places/Forts in London

London backed with great history has many explicit historical places and monuments to be visited. There is a non ending count like Windsor castle, Tower of London, St Paul’s Cathedral, Tower Bridge and Buckingham palace. It is mystically said that every corner of London there are historic sites each with a different story to tell and offering incredible architectural style. London pass is the best facility which will guide your visits to these historical places and monuments in London free of cost. With London pass you can cover many historical sites with quick admission. Let us get acquainted with a few great historical places and monuments in London.

Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle the official residence of the Queen of London is described as one of the oldest and largest castles in the world. This colossal nine hundred year old monument was built on a galactic 480,000 square feet. Surrounded by exquisite gardens and panoramic views of the countryside it offers a stunning experience for the visitors. St George's Chapel which is the best example gothic architecture and tomb of Henry VIII are the additional attractions for the tourists inside the castle. There are stupendous State apartments adorned richly with masterpieces from renowned artists. Located at downtown London the castle can be reached by train.

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St. Paul’s Cathedral London

This monument represents the spiritual way of life of this British population as well as the heritage of the country. It is one of the most important religious and pilgrim centers of Christianity. A seat of the Bishop called cathedra in Latin language multiplies its religious importance. Surprisingly it was destroyed by fire three times and rebuilt every time occupying on a larger area than the previous one.

Westminster Abbey

Governed as the final resting place of seventeen monarchs it has acted as the coronation church since 1066. In the midst of tenth century Benedictine monks first arrived at this place. The present day church started by Henry III in 1245 still encompasses medieval shrine of an Anglo-Saxon saint. The dual importance of this place lies in the fact that most of the well known people of the country are buried here. It serves as a treasure house for the tourist where they can view the incredible types of pavements, stained glass, textiles, paintings and other artifacts. The library in the Abbey has drastic collections of manuscripts and printed books.

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