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Monuments/Historical Places/Forts in San Juan ...

Among the Caribbean destinations San Juan in Puerto Rico is backed with a long history and is well known as one of the most historic cities in the World. It was settled within a few years after Columbus landed for the first time in this region. It stood firmly for many years witnessing many ups and downs, historic events like naval battles and pirate attacks. Today the city is known for its intriguing history and a reputed Caribbean tourist destination. Let us visualize a few of its popular historic places, monuments and forts.

La Fortaleza - The period between 15th and 19th centuries saw a rise in building defensive structures at important locations in order to protect and defend the city and Bay of San Juan. These structures which are a fine example of European military architecture are the marvels of San Juan. La Fortaleza comprises of three forts of San Felipe del Morro, San Cristóbal and San Juan de la Cruz and a large portion of the City Wall. These forts are best examples of age old methods of military constructions. The architecture of these forts is the best example of European designs and techniques to withstand the extreme conditions of the Caribbean port cities. It reflects a major development in military architecture over the centuries regarding construction of a fortress, an arsenal, a prison as well as residence of the Governor-General El Morro.

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San Felipe del Morro - Popularly called El Morro peeping out of San Juan harbor is enticing the attention of cruise ships. The structure is a huge six-story fortress built between 1539 and 1589, witnessing two World wars and several other battles. Today El Fuerto San Felipe del Morro is Puerto Rico's grabbing tourist attractions are its extensive history and its outstanding views of the Atlantic Ocean. Walk though the fortress depths and experience the solid tunnels, barracks and prison cells.

Castillo de San Cristobal – For defending land based attacks on the city of San Juan this fort was built by Spain which is part of San Juan National Historic Site. Built on a hill it was originally known as the Cerro de la Horca or the Cerro Del Quemadero.

San Juan de la Cruz – Located to the west of El Morro on Isla de Cabras or Goat Island this little fort was built to defend the entrance of San Juan Bay. It was built across the bay channel Known as El Cañuelo. Cabaras Island today hosts a hoard of sightseeing activities.

Catedral de San Juan – It is the second oldest church in the Caribbean holding burial remains of Puerto Rico's first governor Juan Ponce de Leon. Constructed in 1521 near the small plaza next to El Convento, San Juan Cathedral is located at the center of Del Cristo Street. The original structure is mostly destroyed except a gothic ceiling, vaulted tower and circular staircase with rooms. These remains of the cathedral clearly represent Medieval Architecture in the Americas. At present this historical monument is encircled by fascinating places to stroll around and the restaurant Rosa De Triana hosting flamenco show a piece of best entertainment in the weekends.

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