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Monuments/Historical Places/Forts in Maui ...

Baldwin Missionary Home: This was the home of Rev. Dwight Baldwin, who moved into this missionary home with his wife in the early nineteenth century. He was a pastor of Wainee Church and a physician, having a great influence in the community for many years. Of all the historical places in Maui, Hawaii that attracts tourists, this one has a sense of simplicity to it. This missionary home also has a beautiful garden in front of it, which is full of exotic plants and trees. Visitors can get a glimpse of Rev. Baldwin's home as it opens for visitors daily at ten in the morning till four in the evening.

Halekii-Pihana Heiaus: These two archaeological sites are remains of Hawaii's ancient temples and are easily accessible for tourists. It is believed to have been built during the thirteenth century. Human sacrifices were performed as an offering to ancient gods in some of these temples.

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Iao Valley State Park: Located to the west of Wailuku, this lush green valley park is spread across a vast area. It is guarded by tall emerald peaks, and a green rock overlooking Lao stream serves as a great attraction for hikers and tourists. This site also has a historical importance; as it has witnessed the battle of Kepaniwai that took place in the late eighteenth century, in which King Kamehameha had defeated Maui's forces.

Old Lahaina Fort:  Originally built in the nineteenth century to offer protection to the town from aggressive sailors, a large portion of this fort was demolished later to make way for a courthouse. Of all the forts in Maui that are of great historical importance, this one attracts several tourists in recent times.

Keawalai Church: Located in South Maui, this church was built in mid-nineteenth century and has tall, thick walls made of lava with its mortar made of coral. It also has a small cemetery in which many headstones with ceramic portraits of the deceased can be found.

La Perouse Bay: This is the site which witnessed the last lava flow in late eighteenth century. Plenty of coral formations can be seen towards the eastern end of this bay, and spinner dolphins can be found in this region. Under ideal climatic conditions, tourists to La Perouse bay can enjoy snorkeling, surfing, swimming and scuba diving.

Lanakila Ihi Ihi O Iehowa Ona Kava Church: Built of coral and lava during the nineteenth century, this church is one of the important monuments in Hawaii and remained unaffected by a tidal wave that had hit this region in 1946. Visitors to this church can also enjoy scenic views of its surroundings.

Pi’ilanihale Heiau: It dates back to the fourteenth century and is an ancient place of worship that has withstood the test of time. One of the greatest historical places in Maui region, it is a large platform of lava rock and has seen numerous power struggles in the past. The ancient site served as a place for ceremonies that Pi’ilani noble family conducted.

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