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Monuments/Historical Places/Forts in Frankfurt ...

This most modern German city has distinctively preserved the past of the region in the form of its great historical buildings and monuments. Landmarks of the city include Imperial Cathedral, Old Opera and Romer. These landmarks and monuments of the city offer an idea to the visitors about the art and architecture of the city in historic times. Some of the major historic monuments of the city are

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Archaeological Garden
Presently known as Archaeological Museum where the foundations of the oldest building in the city can be viewed along with the Roman baths dating from 1st and 2nd Century. The ruins of Carolingian imperial palace and cellars of ancient burgher’s houses are the ones taking tourist to a virtual past of this region. The original ruins preserved here in the form of Roman baths and hypocaust pillars were recovered from military stations. They are giving rebirth to the stories of the loosing Roman control in the lower Main area. Ludwig and his followers built the Frankish royal court, the remains of square king’s hall and some parts of interim building are well preserved in this museum.

Old Opera House
This structure from Wilhelmina era which was bombed severely but built again and inaugurated in the eighties pulls hordes of visitors during the plenty of marvelous events and concerts held in these halls. ‘Auftaki’ festival of contemporary music unveils the pack of events which are organized throughout the year which make the evenings of this region sumptuous with superb performances of national and international artists. The halls can accommodate huge number of visitors and enthusiasts and are well equipped with excellent sound systems offering real pleasure of the events. The evenings are adorned with variety of musical extravaganzas. The audience can choose from a lot of early baroque to the latest in music like Jazz and pop.

Carmelite Monastery
It is locally popular as Karmeliterkloster and is located on Karmelitengasse. This Church of historical times encompasses the Archaeological Museum in “Die Schmiere” cellar on the southern side. It is popular for murals in the abbey by Jorg Ratgebs. The museum is enriched with pre and early history archaeological marvels. The Institute of city history resides in the old sections of the Monastery. In old times this monastery was used as fire station, military hospital as well as a repository.

Forts of Frankfurt
Saalburg fort is the most popular fort among the visitors of the city. It is a Roman fort tucked on the Taunus ridge which is located to northwest of bad Hamburg in Hesse. This reconstructed fort is located near the main road between Wehrheim and Bad Homburg which is a part of the UNESCO World heritage site. Ehrenbreitstein fortress located strategically above Rhine River offers a panoramic view of Koblenz and the meeting point of two rivers Moselle and Rhine. This fortress was constructed in 1828. Fortress Marienberg was used as a refuge during Hallstatt era dating back to around 1000 BC. It is a prominent landmark on the Main River in Wurzburg.

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