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Festivals in Rome ...

Like any other country, Rome, the capital city has numerous festivals and special occasions that are commemorated yearly. While several of these festivals in Rome have spiritual roots, some have been promoted by the municipal government in Rome as a means of increasing tourism and are purely secular and cultural in their nature. Below is the list of few of Rome’s festivals that transpire at different times.

Summer Festivals in Rome

Estate Romana Festival: It is perhaps the largest festival held in Rome during the months of summer. The major attractions of the festival are a sequence of outdoor cultural events and performances which usually includes song, dance troops and theatre performances. The festival goes on for the entire period of the summer months. It is a proposal of the local government to attract tourist to Rome at summer time where many prefer exploring the cooler climates across globe.

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Noantri Festival: Noantri festival is a cultural festival with its roots in the Christian religion of Italy. It takes place towards the end of July. Nevertheless, it is escorted by songs and dances of which people of any religious can easily participate. The main highlight of this festival in Rome involves the march of the Vergine del Carmine statue through the streets of the Trastevere district to San Crisogno district of Rome where it is exhibited for a week. Otherwise the festival is full of the usual food, drink and general fun one would expect. The Trastevere district is situated towards the west of the city just crossways the river Tiber.

Autumn Festivals in Rome

Roma Europa Festival: Roma Europa festival commences sometime in September and generally lasts for about one month every year. The main attraction of this festival is the large number of pinnacle names in the performing arts world from Italy who come to participate in the festival. The most common activities of this festival in Rome include theatre performances and music.

Antiques Festival: This festival is restricted to Via dei Coronari in Rome where one can find most of the antiques items for sale. It is difficult to comment whether this is a shopping festival, as only antiques are on sale. However, the basic purpose of the festival is for Rome’s antiques dealers to show their goods to the public.

Jazz festivals in Rome: As Rome and its populace are such big fans of jazz, it is no surprise that Rome conduct their own jazz festival. The Rome jazz festival is a yearly celebration of jazz music that has been going for almost 30 years. The Rome jazz festival typically starts around mid October and last for a month. The jazz festival in Rome draws pinnacle name jazz musicians from the world of European jazz, Italian jazz. Performances by jazz bands of different styles make this jazz festival quite assorted in its offerings, taking care that there is some elements to suit the taste of all jazz fans in Rome.

Winter Festivals in Rome

Capodanno Festival: This festival in principle lasts for one day, although in combination with New Years Day it comprises two days. This festival occurs on December 31st yearly and includes concerts and fireworks in the public squares of Rome in the New Year. The spiritual highlight of New Years Day involves a parade which takes place in the catacombs.

Spring Festivals in Rome
Culture Festival: This is a weeklong festival in Rome is intended to create awareness of the rich history and culture of Rome. And to do so, for one entire week museums open their doors to the public free of cost.

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