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Festivals in Nassau...

Junkanoo: On the 26th of December and 1st of January, thousands of people dance through Nassau's downtown as a part of Junkanoo festival. It is a colorful festival which is enjoyed thoroughly by onlookers that include residents and tourists. An energetic parade of brightly dressed individuals, dancing to the beats of drums is a visual delight for all.

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Easter: In late March or early April, various religious processions take place at churches in New Providence on the occasion of Easter. Tourists can also witness grand religious ceremonies that are held on Easter and Good Friday.

International Beer Festival: This is a fun festival in Sandyport, which is a unique opportunity for tourists and locals to sample different varieties of beers. Beer lovers can taste beers that are produced locally as well as those which come from different parts of the world.

Bahamas Heritage Festival: This festival showcases Bahamian food, music, arts and crafts, which would be a great experience for visitors. Other than a rich cultural heritage, it is entertainment that draws major crowds of people to this festival.

Independence Day: Independence Day is celebrated on the 10th of July every year in Nassau to commemorate liberation of The Bahamas on same date in the year 1973. It is a joyous event for everyone as they can be a part of parades, concerts and functions across this region.

Emancipation Day: First Monday of August is celebrated to commemorate the liberation of slaves and to remember sacrifices and struggles of ancestors. Festivities start early in the morning with beats of drums and dance performances.

Guy Fawkes Day: This day witnesses night parades that are taken through the streets, which culminate in burning of the effigy of Guy Fawkes, a Briton, who was involved in a failed attempt to assassinate King James I.

One Bahamas Music and Heritage Festival: It is an event that is held in Nassau and Paradise Island that goes on for three days. Tourists can get a chance to witness concerts that feature top Bahamian artists during this festival.

Discovery Day: On 12th of October, people of Nassau celebrate the arrival of Christopher Columbus to the island.

Bahamas International Film Festival: Screening of various international short films, independent films and documentaries is held every year in this film festival that falls in early December. After each screening, the filmmaker is available for interaction with the audience.

Christmas Day: On 25th of December, Nassau and Paradise Island come alive with Christmas Day celebrations. Several hotels, resorts and shopping malls look bright and colorful with decorations on this occasion.

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