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Festivals in Montego Bay...

Jamaica Jazz Festival: This three-day music festival in Montego Bay is held during the last weekend of January every year. It started off as an event for enthusiasts of jazz and blues held annually in November, attracting a crowd of about 2,000 individuals. Organizers of this festival moved its dates to January end, after facing certain issues related to weather conditions like heavy rains. Today, this music festival attracts a crowd of over 30,000 enthusiasts and covers many genres of music other than jazz.

Ocho Rios Jazz Festival: Another great festival celebrating the magic of Jazz is the Ocho Rios Jazz Festival, which began in the year 1991. It was started with an aim to revolutionize Jamaican music scene and promote tourism. It falls in the month of June and can be enjoyed for a period of eight days, offering wholesome entertainment for locals and tourists alike. It features several local performers as well as artists from United States and Europe.

Reggae Sumfest: For individuals who love Reggae, this music event is something that they would like to be a part of. This is an annual event held in the month of July where many Reggae artists come together to promote this form of music. Tourists of Montego Bay can enjoy this musical extravaganza by purchasing tickets or passes for the event.

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Emancipation and Independence Celebrations: People of Jamaica celebrate emancipation from slavery and their independence day during the first week of August. Locals proudly celebrate this grand event which also offers great visual treats for tourists. Thousands of people come together to witness the Independence Day celebrations despite their personal and professional commitments.

African Jamfest: This unique festival celebrated in Montego Bay, showcases the essence of African culture and its traditions. It features various performances of artists who come from all parts of African continent. Visitors can clearly witness the influence of African heritage on arts, fashion and music across the Caribbean during this event.

Jamerican Film and Music Festival: This event is held at Wyndham Rose Hall Resort featuring independent filmmakers from Jamaica and North America. Many films that have debuted in this film festival have won many awards at other events across the world.

Christmas Day: As the world celebrates Christmas on 25th of December, Jamaicans go to churches and exchange gifts on this occasion. This is a major holiday in the entire country, which offers a chance for people to join their friends and family members for a big feast. Tourists visiting Montego Bay during this time can enjoy Rum Cakes and Gungo Peas.

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