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Festivals in Dubai ...

Dubai is unique city in the Middle East where every religion is respected, restrictions are never set on the basis of nationality, every culture of the world is looked upon with respect and various festivals of outside origin are also celebrated with the same devotion and faith. Dubai and ultimately UAE is basically a Muslim country which celebrates the religious festivals with complete devotion. Along with the religious festivals other festivals and events celebrated in this city include Dubai shopping festival. Some of the important festivals in Dubai are


This is the most important religious festival of fasting celebrated strictly following all religious norms. Depending on the Lunar Calendar it is observed in months of September or October. During Ramadan Muslims observe fast for complete one month starting from sunrise and ending at sunset. They pray five times in the mosques and refrain themselves from the habits of smoking or drinking. Expat Muslims are given concession in duty timings, while non Muslims are prevented from eating or drinking in Public places. The Muslims fasting during Ramadan consume fruits for releasing their fast.

Eid-Al- Fitr

After completing one month’s fasting on the day of Eid-Al-Fitr after sighting the moon the masses go wild with celebrations of Id festival which continue for three days. In Dubai Id-Al-Fitr is celebrated after morning prayers with pomp and fervor. Majority of the Governments offices and public places are decorated and gifts are exchanged among relatives and friends.


This is the Muslim festival marking the end of Haj. Eid-Al-Adha is celebrated for four days when camel meat and other eatables are exchanged between the families, friends and neighborhoods.

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Christmas, New Year celebrations

Since the population of Dubai is a mix of many religions and nationalities festivals like Christmas are also celebrated with the same vigor and enthusiasm. Most of the hotels and resorts arrange Christmas and New Year parties for the expatriates and the visitors. Hotels are decorated and are brimmed up with events of Christmas celebrations. The celebrators have to book these parties a few days prior to the festival. Even there are New Year parties on the traditional Arabian dhows celebrating the arrival of New Year amidst Dubai waters.

Modhesh world festival

It is purely a fun and entertainment festival arranged in the months of June to August. It is celebrated at Modhesh World located in the Trade Center of Dubai. It is the venue of best family entertainment arranged during the summers. This is really a feast for children who love the celebrations more than any other type of fun activity. Apart from these festivals Dubai film festival and Dubai jazz festival are the most popular cultural festivals.

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