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Festivals in Barcelona...

Festivals in Barcelona are celebrated with great zest and fervor. Festivals celebrated in Barcelona include

Fira de Santa Llúcia: In the month of December, Santa Llúcia, a patron saint of fashion designers and the blind is commemorated by selling Christmas items outside Cathedrals. But it is on December 13, that people gather at Santa Llucia chapel to pay their respects to this great saint.

Revetlla de Sant Joan: This mid-summer celebration falls on 23rd June every year and fireworks go on for an entire night. Tourists can find bonfires everywhere; as people join in the rituals to cleanse themselves of sins and get rid of their bad luck by burning something, such as, old furniture.

La Mercè: This festival enjoys tremendous popularity as it is an official holiday and honours Our Lady of Mercy. Festivities begin much before the actual day, that is, September 24. There are many special activities carried out on this occasion such as parades, dances and competitions. .

Sónar: This music festival falls in the third week of June and is an annual event of three days. Though it is officially called Festival of Advanced Music and Multimedia Art, music is given prominence during this event. .

Monegros Desert Festival: This is the biggest electronic music festival which is celebrated in the month of July every year. This event is held in Monegros desert and attracts over 40,000 people. It has 22 hours of music, with different forms of music including Techno, Electro and Hip Hop.

Festes de Gràcia: Travellers visiting Barcelona between 15th and 21st August would get the opportunity to enjoy this popular festival. An entire week is spent in celebrations that guarantee plenty of entertainment to everyone in the city. Streets and squares come alive with awesome decorations as locals commemorate the Assumption. Tourists can witness parades, human towers and 'fire run' during this festival.

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Festes de la Mercè: On 24th of September every year, Barcelona celebrates the day of Virgin de la Merce. This day witnesses processions taken through streets of wooden figures of giants. Fireworks, musical performances and sports are also enjoyed by people on this occasion.

Sant Jordi: On 23rd April, Saint George, the city's patron saint, is honored by many Christian churches. This day is also known as 'Day of the Rose', when men gift roses to women and they give books to men. .

Corpus: This is a Christian festival which honors the Eucharist. It is usually celebrated in late May, but an exact date for celebration is not fixed. During this festival, people of this city place emptied white shells of eggs above water jets of fountains. It appears as if the empty egg is dancing, and this gives the name 'Dancing Egg' to this ritual. .

Festes de Sants: This festival is quite similar to Festes de Gràcia, but it is celebrated on a smaller scale and falls in August. Tourists who cannot make it to Festes de Gràcia can attend this festival.

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