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Beaches in Nassau...

Cabbage Beach: It is one of the most beautiful beaches in Nassau and Paradise Island. Travelers can take a pleasant walk on it or enjoy swimming in the waters. This beach is also ideal for many other activities such as waterskiing and snorkeling.

Cable Beach: Characterized by excellent sand, clear waters and upscale resorts, this beach is also popular among many tourists. They can find a golf course nearby and have tremendous opportunities to enjoy a variety of water-sports.

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Delaporte Beach: It is a perfect spot to escape from crowds and enjoy a serene environment. It is located on west side of Cable Beach near the village of Delaporte, which was earlier a site for plantations.

Goodman's Bay: Situated near resort area of Cable Beach, it is very popular with kids as they can enjoy certain recreational facilities in the area. Fitness enthusiasts and joggers also frequent this beach for a workout session.

Junkanoo Beach: It is also popular among visitors as 'Western Esplanade' and is situated near a cruise ship dock in downtown Nassau. This beach is most favored by spring breakers and there are fund-raising activities in this region, mostly on Saturdays. Benches can be found in this area which offers sights of ships coming to the harbor, while visitors sit back and relax after a busy day.

Loop View Beach: This beach is located in eastern New Providence and is a perfect place for photographers to take some marvelous snaps. Though tourists cannot fully enjoy a sand bank in this area, they can wade through crystal clear waters.

Montagu Beach: Home to an eighteenth century fort, this beach is on the east of Paradise Island Bridge. In early days, it was used to guard eastern section of Nassau Harbor. Today, it is a popular place among tourists and has several vendors providing local food or drinks.

Orange Hill Beach: It has attractive white sand and is a popular weekend getaway for local residents. Tourists who prefer a quiet and tranquil environment can visit this beach during weekdays. It is located opposite Orange Hill Beach on the northern side of West Bay Street.

Sandyport Beach: This beach has a small bridge through which it is linked to Sandyport development located on west side of Cable Beach. It also offers delightful sights of blue waters and green surroundings.

Saunders Beach: Located on eastern side of Cable Beach, it offers beautiful landscapes of powdery sand and palm trees. It enjoys a warm weather throughout the year which is a great opportunity for tourists and locals to have a nice time.

Viewpoint Beach: It is a place where tourists can unwind on benches, but has limited sandy area compared to several other beaches. Amazing views of eastern Paradise Island can be enjoyed on it along with a chance to take home some great photos.

Yamacraw Hill Beach: Located at Prince Charles Drive's end, this beautiful beach is used by visitors and nearby residents for walking and exercise routines. Benches provided on this beach are used for relaxation after these exercises.

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