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Attractions in Punta Cana...

Bavaro Runners: This is a safari excursion in which tourists of Punta Cana can experience beautiful surroundings and life in Dominican Republic. These excursions are led by experienced guides who provide the required guidance for travelers while touring the tropical countryside, jungles and amazing seascapes.

Saona Island: It is a tropical island situated near La Romana and within a short distance from the mainland. This being a protected nature reserve is visited by many tourists with the help of motorboats and catamarans. They can find naturally beautiful beaches on this island that have been used by many filmmakers as a perfect setting for their films. A rich Wildlife and marine life in this region helps visitors to discover several species of birds and aquatic beings.

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Dolphin Island: Known as a natural habitat of dolphins, tourists can have an amazing time at this place. They can swim alongside dolphins and also enjoy various facilities that are offered on the base.

Half-Day Dune Buggy Adventures: Tourists can take a ride on a dune buggy while embarking on a half-day trip from Punta Cana. On the way, they can witness colorful houses, wonderful sights of banana plantations and farmlands. These tours are managed well with the help of knowledgeable guides who give necessary instructions to travelers. Tourists can also have plenty of snacks and drinks during these tours.

Zipline Canopy Adventure: This adventurous activity gives lots of thrills for tourists as they are taken high above the ground across treetops in rainforests. Guidance is provided by trained professionals on using Zipline equipments and moving across cables.

Mega Truck Safari: While on these safaris, travelers can visit the regions that cannot be toured in buses. A monster truck is used to take tourists on a journey that provides breathtaking views of the countryside, sugarcane fields, rivers and streams. Buffet lunch and drinks can also be enjoyed during these tours.

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