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Attractions in Barcelona...

Barcelona Aquarium: It features numerous species of aquatic animals, also offering plenty of information for tourists besides entertainment. With millions of liters of water, several tanks and a long underwater tunnel, this would definitely leave visitors awestruck. This aquarium was opened in 1995 and it uses an advanced technology to create perfect living conditions for its marine life. A great visual experience is also created for tourists as they witness different kinds of fish and other aquatic beings all around them.

Imax Cinema: Located in Port Vell, this cinema uses three types of technologies to offer a great cinematic experience for movie buffs. First is 'Imax Technology', in which a big flat-screen is used to produce fabulous images. Second type of technology is '3D', in which special polarized glasses are used by viewers. A special type of technology called 'Omnimax' can also be of great amazement for audiences. It projects films into a screen that surrounds viewers, producing a unique viewing experience.

Barcelona Zoo: This marvellous zoo has open enclosures for better animal and human interaction. It also has a section which allows parents to introduce small children to different kinds of animals. Tourists can also enjoy a ride on the train that goes around the park. Founded in 1892, it is one of the oldest zoos in the world and has various kinds of species. Visitors are also allowed to interact with dolphins who give awesome performances to entertain the tourists. .

Magic Fountain of Montjuïc: When the organizers of Great Universal Exhibition of 1929, decided to go ahead with the project of 'Magic Fountain', little did they knew that it would truly turn into a magical experience. Today, this fountain in one of the best attractions in Barcelona as it attracts millions of tourists. Tourists visiting this awesome masterpiece are given visual treats of fountains that are illuminated by beautiful colours and light. They can also enjoy some great music with this dazzling display of water acrobatics. This Magic Fountain delights visitors every Friday and Saturday during winters and every Thursday to Sunday during summers. .

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Luxury Yachts: Tourists who are looking for a luxurious trip on water along Barcelona's coast can rent either of the two yachts named 'GoldFinger' and 'Beyond the Sea'. Both of them are elegantly designed with luxurious bedrooms with toilets and shower. They are ideal for private day cruises or evening cruises. .

Tibidado: People of all ages can find plenty of attractions suited for their age in this family amusement park. This park has existed for more than a hundred years and it is located at the highest point of Barcelona.

Poble Espanyol: This open-air museum was built in the year 1929 for an international exhibition that took place in Barcelona the same year. Different architectures and cultures of various locations around Spain can be witnessed in this place. It took about thirteen months to build this architectural wonder. Fortunately, this museum was not demolished after the exhibition, giving millions of tourists the opportunity to visit this model Spanish village.

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