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About Vatican City ...

Surrounded by the city of Rome, Vatican City is the greatest center for Roman Catholicism in this world. Tourists from different parts of the globe, who want to know more about Vatican City and its glorious history, pay a visit to this region and feel mesmerized by its amazing architecture. It also has some of the most popular attractions of Rome including Vatican Museums and St. Peter's Basilica. Most of the population in this city-state lives in surrounding areas of St. Peter's Basilica and residents mainly comprise of priests, guards and nuns. One of the interesting Vatican City facts is that citizenship in this part of the world is granted only to individuals who are appointed for service of Holy See or the papal court. Their citizenship continues as long as they are under appointment of the Holy See, and upon loss of Vatican citizenship, they automatically become Italian citizens if they are not citizens of any other nation.

It is very hard to believe that this region was an uninhabited area until Agrippina the Elder built gardens in early first century and also began constructing a circus which was completed by Emperor Nero. Saint Peter was crucified upside down in this circus near an Egyptian obelisk and many dwelling houses of his followers came up in the area surrounding his tomb. In 324 AD, the greatest event in Vatican City history occurred when Emperor Constantine started constructing a great basilica over the tomb of St. Peter. Restoration work began on the old basilica during fifteenth century, involving many artists and architects. Gian Lorenzo Bernini, a prominent Italian architect was entrusted with the work of constructing oval-shaped St. Peter's Square. The great Michelangelo had designed the dome of St. Peter's Basilica. It could only be finished many years after his death, but still stands as an architectural masterpiece. It is a great monument on the Vatican City map and tourists from different parts of this world find it truly amazing. Not only its interiors, but also the exteriors are embellished with awe-inspiring architectures.

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The entire region of Vatican City comes under protection of Hague Convention which was signed in Netherlands on 14th of May, 1954. It is an international agreement under which, signatories are required to protect a cultural property in times of war. The Vatican City population and all its great monuments enjoy an international protection with this agreement. In the year 1984, this region was registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It has also received an international recognition as a valuable treasure belonging to the entire humanity and is deeply respected worldwide. According to the Barcelona Declaration of 1921, Vatican City is allowed to sail its vessels with the papal flag, though it is a landlocked region. This city state has managed to maintain its distinct identity over a period of time, even as this world has undergone tremendous cultural changes. It is due to this distinctiveness that this region attracts many individuals from different corners of the world.

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