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About Ukraine

Ukraine the east European country is the second largest in size among European countries which is neighbored by Russia, Belarus, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland. Other countries having border with Ukraine are Poland, Hungary and Slovakia. It is blessed with plains, plateaus and many rivers which make this land fertile. Many rivers of the country include major rivers like Dnieper and Dniester. Danube River traveling through valleys and gorges jumps into the Black Sea. Danube delta formed in the historical times is the second largest wetland of Europe surrounded by ponds, canals and lakes. The Danube delta shelters many rare species of animals and birds. This country was the part of the former Russian empire. What many tourists like about Ukraine is that it is embellished with highest mountains, pine and fur forests, beaches and lakes. This region has a moderate climate with mild winters and uniform snowfall. During winters temperatures fall to such an extent that the lakes and rivers literally freeze. The country rich in natural resources has a rich historic and cultural history. One of the historic attractions is the St. Sophia Cathedral and monastery. Kiev the capital city is also the largest pilgrimage and an alluring tourist destination. It is adorned with beautiful parks, gardens, and exotic landscapes. The city with a glorious past conceals many secrets of the past in its Museums and monuments. Ruins of ancient castles, historical parks, age old churches, mosques and synagogues are the historic treasures of the country. One of the inviting attractions of Ukraine is to taste native wine produced in one of the wineries which is producing wine by the traditional ways. Ukraine can be accessed from Bristol International Airport located at thirty eight km from Kiev city center which is the gateway to this east European country. Other cities with international airports are Lvov and Simferopol.

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Due to its location between Europe and Asia its culture is influenced by western and eastern influences. Presently western regions are seen to be more influenced by western culture whereas eastern region is showing a strong Russian influence. The culture of this country is seen to be closely in touch with the ancient traditions. Some of the traditional dances and music are also a cultural part of the country.
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