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About Tokyo

Full of amazing skyscrapers and fabulous neon lights, Tokyo is Japan's capital city. It lies in the Kanto region on southeast of Honshu Island and includes Ogasawara and Izu Islands. As with all other developed cities of the world, a chaotic rush hour, fast trains and concrete jungle are obvious sights in Tokyo. It is one of the major economic centers of recent times and a place where tradition and modernity are perfectly balanced. Although it is considered to be an expensive city, there are many budget travelers who visit this part of Japan every year. Tourists marvel at the economic development that Tokyo has made over a period of time, but there are certain cultural attractions in this city that are equally admired by them which include a few temples. Greater Tokyo is the most densely populated metropolitan region in this world and has close to 35 million residents.

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Tokyo was earlier a small fishing village known as Edo, which formed a part of Musashi Province. Edo came under the rule of 'Shoguns' or military commanders during late sixteenth century. Tokugawa Ieyasu, who became a Shogun in 1603, made Edo his base and this town went on to become one of the largest cities in the world by eighteenth century. In the year 1868, emperor Meiji of Japan moved to Edo from Kyoto, restoring imperial rule and making it a de facto imperial capital. Edo Castle which was built during mid-fifteenth century became the Imperial Palace. Subsequently, the city of Tokyo was established and it continued to be Japan's capital. This city was subject to the greatest natural and man-made disasters in the twentieth century. One was the Great Kanto Earthquake in 1923 and Bombing of Tokyo during World War II between 1944 and 1945. Almost half of the city got destroyed, resulting in over 200,000 deaths. But this region recovered from both these catastrophes and was rebuilt entirely. The world witnessed this development during 1964 Summer Olympics that was held in Tokyo. High-rises came up in this city during the seventies and many people moved to this region. Hit by a major recession during nineties, this city has recovered to some extent from the after effects.

Visitors to this city are all praise for the beautiful cherry blossoms that are found in many places during spring when they are in full bloom. If not spring, an autumn visit would also be great to enjoy fall colors while going around the city. Not many old buildings exist in this part of the world which has been devastated twice in recent history. Contemporary architecture has made its presence felt in almost all parts of Tokyo, including some of the famous skyscrapers. Tourists can also find various parks and gardens in this city that have been beautifully designed. In contrast to a cosmopolitan feel that many developed cities in the US and UK have, Tokyo is largely mono-racial. There are a few non-Japanese who live in this city, but are not considered to be Japanese citizens.

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