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About Sydney ...

Sydney is one of the most dynamic cities of this world, providing great visual delights for tourists coming to Australia with its high-rise buildings and plenty of other attractions. Most of the buildings in this city reflect a unique architecture that includes more organic designs. An important fact about Sydney is that it has the highest population as compared to other cities in the country. Most of this population comprises of people belonging to different ethnicities and cultural backgrounds. Over the years, Sydney has grown into a financial and economic hub of the country. Another fact to consider is that Sydney tourism has a major share in the city's development as it attracts millions of travelers from different parts of the globe every year. There are many well-known galleries and museums in this city which gives a glimpse of its cultural scenario. It also has many green spaces where city’s residents as well as tourists can enjoy some moments of serenity.

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Original inhabitants of Sydney are the Cadigals, and they were about 4000 to 8000 in number before British settlers arrived in this region. The history of Australia mentions that they were divided in clans and had a territory belonging to each of them. First contact with these indigenous people was made by Lieutenant James Cook in the late eighteenth century. More than a decade after this event, Arthur Phillip arrived with a fleet of eleven ships at Botany Bay in the year 1788. In the same year, a colony was established and named Sydney. He named this settlement after Lord Sydney, the British Home Secretary who had played a major role in providing authority to Phillip for establishing the colony. According to certain facts about Sydney mentioned in historical records, a major outbreak of an epidemic disease, believed to be chickenpox, wiped out a significant number of Aboriginal population the following year. By early nineteenth century, there were only a few indigenous people left in Sydney. Their quality of life improved under the tenure of Lachlan Macquarie, the Governor of New South Wales at the time. Major developmental projects followed and this region got transformed into a major urban area. After World War II, Sydney expanded further with European and Asian immigrants arriving in great numbers.

Metropolitan region is divided into several Local Government Areas having elected councils that carry out functions delegated by New South Wales State Government. The Australia information given through media and natural charm of this city has attracted major studios of film and television world. This has resulted in filming of several movies in Sydney over the past few years. This region is also a popular venue for many musical events that highlight Australian culture and provides a big opportunity for people to watch their favorite stars in action. Some of the major sporting events are also held in this city and watched by fans in great numbers. It has hosted games of Cricket World Cup in the year 1992 and Rugby World Cup of 2003.

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