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About Sweden

Sweden which is officially known as the Kingdom of Sweden is a Scandinavian country in Northern Europe bordered by Norway, Finland and connected to Denmark by a bridge tunnel. It is ruled by a parliamentary democracy type of government. A good thing about Sweden is that the country is ranked as a highly developed economy with its per capita income supposed to be eighth highest in world ranking. The nation emerged as great power in Europe in 17th century. Sweden came forward as an independent country during middle ages and expanded its region to form a Swedish empire. This empire grew and became one of the great powers of Europe in 17th Century. Last war in which Sweden was directly involved was the war in 1814, after which it is at peace. It is divided into three main regions Northern, Central and Southern Sweden. Stockholm the beautiful capital of Sweden sprawled on fourteen islands is facing Baltic Sea in the east. This capital city adorned with palaces, historical monuments, museums and majestic buildings is standing proudly as if telling the seven hundred year old history of the nation. Gifted with cool temperate climate this destination is best to visit during summer and autumn in the months between May to September.

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Sweden is the member of the Schengen agreement and hence its borders are open to the nationals of the member countries, meaning immigration checks are not required for them. This scenic destination can be reached by air, rail, road and sea. Sweden’s tourist potential is hidden in its urban fashion shows, arctic wilderness, culinary treats, stunning nature with scenic landscapes, and the wonders of Lapland like midnight sun. The nation which is a member of European Union is a global center of cutting age fashion, delectable cuisine, invigorating music and art forms. Lifestyle of Swedish people seems to be bound with awareness for health, environment, equality and openness towards accepting new technology. Age old traditions in the form of festivals and event celebrations are preserved here as a cultural heritage.
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