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About Serbia

Ever since Serbia became a democracy, it has proven to be a safe place for tourists in recent times. It is a landlocked nation in central part of South- Eastern Europe, and has one of the continent's oldest cities as its capital. The country has scored well in Human Development Index, while still facing certain structural problems. An upper-middle income economy, Serbia is vying for a membership in the European Union. Regardless of what people say about Serbia and its past, it has made a commendable progress in terms of overall economic development and governance.

Evidences suggest that the Neolithic cultures like Vinca existed in Serbia about 8500 years ago. The Paleo-Balkan people made their presence felt in this region around 1000 BC. The expansion of Greeks into the south of modern Serbia during 4th century BC made it a part of Alexander the Great's Empire. In the following years, modern Serbia was controlled by Celtic tribe of Scordisci, the Roman and the Byzantine empires. During the middle ages, the Nemanjic dynasty gained prominence and marked the beginning of the region's prosperity. This lasted only until the fall of medieval Serbian state, after being conquered by the Ottoman Empire during the 16th century. After gaining independence from the empire during the 19th century, Serbia went through years of war and several communities in this region suffered heavily at the time of Second World War. Serbia could only become a standalone sovereign republic in the year 2006.

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Tourists who have visited this country in recent times are all praise for its tranquility and fascinating natural beauty. Its landscapes are characterized with rugged mountains, lush rolling hills, flat plains and wooded valleys. Medieval monasteries in this country have been successful to a great extent in safeguarding Serbian faith as well as artworks of the Byzantine era. Beautiful mosques of this region co-exist alongside monasteries, while its people look forward to enjoying a new era of peace and prosperity in the coming years.

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