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About Russia

Russia well known as the largest country in the world is sprawling from Eastern Europe to northern Asia which is bordered with countries like Estonia, Finland, Norway, Poland, Latvia, China, and North Korea. Most of the Russian territory lies in Asia at the same time most of its population is concentrated in the European region which is mostly influenced by European lifestyle. This vast country is divided on the basis of territories into five natural zones like tundra, taiga, steppe and the mountain zone. The country consists of two major plains the east European plain and the West Siberian plain, two lowlands as well as two plateaus with mountainous areas located in the northeast. Russian history is marked with a series of revolutions, which attacked Tsarist autocracy and created Russian Socialist Republic. The February revolution in 1917 removed the old regime and established a provisional government. During October revolution two major political parties in a combined effort overthrew the provisional government in Petrograd. Civil war erupted between supporters and opponents of Bolshevik resulting in a victory of the Bolsheviks. The many revolutions in Russia ultimately led to the creation of USSR in 1922. The two major cities Moscow and Petrograd witnessed many remarkable events in the history of Russia. Weather of Russia is marked with extremes of winter and snowstorms, whereas summer and autumn are the most favored seasons for many visitors. Snow starts melting in summer season and by the arrival of May the snow almost gets vanished and surroundings become more enjoying. July and August the warmest months making locals and foreigners come out in the sunny surroundings and enjoy the beauty of the major cities as well as tourist places of the country. Winter in Russia even though severe, offers an opportunity to those who love adventures while viewing the picturesque landscapes covered with snow. Russia the beautiful part of the previous USSR has many natural wonders as well as cultural and historical sites to visit and there are many options of visiting this country by air, road routes, rail way and by ship. Travelling by domestic flights is the best way to travel inside the country.

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The Kamchatka Peninsula in the far east of Russia is popular for its large quantity of geysers. One good thing about Russia is that the newly formed Russian federation has still retained Moscow as its capital city after the breakup of USSR. It’s a huge city including several districts and a best venue for sightseeing, eating out, staying in traditionally rich accommodations and last but not least enjoying a vibrant nightlife of the city.
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