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About Rome ...

The city of Rome and its majestic appeal has been described in many ways by different people. Some have called it an eternal city; while for many others, it is a place of ancient architectural wonders. Rome was known as 'Capital of the World' in ancient times, when Roman Empire had reached its zenith of glory. Millions of people, who inhabit this great city, take pride in the glorious past that it once enjoyed. The city has managed to retain its religious and cultural dominance through time, as it is also considered as one of the most important global cities visited by many tourists every year. Many old structures that can be seen in several places stand testimony to the fact that it is the place where western civilization was born. Over the years, Rome has been successful in maintaining a balance between its past traditions and recent developments.

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According to legends, Romulus is believed to be the first king of Rome. But, after several years of regal system and deposal of last king, Republic was established as a new political system. Instead of a king, two consuls and their subordinates were elected by male citizens every year. Soon, Rome developed into a major power, controlling regions of Spain, North Africa, Greece, Balkans and parts of Asia. Years of civil war followed after the murder of Julius Caesar, the famous consul of Rome, till Emperor Augustus re-established a stable power. During middle ages, this city underwent a series of transformation as Christian religion spread far and wide. The period during 16th century is known for its cultural movement called 'Renaissance', which renewed arts and culture in this region. An interesting fact about Rome is that it has also survived the challenges posed by two world wars. Despite being subject to various trials and tribulations of changing times, this city has not lost its rich cultural heritage.

Today, it is Italy’s capital city that has retained much of its glorious past in the form of historical buildings and other great structures. It is the centre of Italian administration and politics, but most importantly, it also serves as the world's artistic and religious centre. Ever since it became Italy's capital, many of its tertiary industries have shown significant improvements. Gradual transition from a Pope-controlled economy to a country totally dependent on state administration has helped the development of various sectors. Growth in tourism over the years has also been instrumental in bringing about considerable economic prosperity to Italy in general and Rome in particular. This city serves as a great travel destination, both for honeymooning couples and leisure tourists. While touring this part of the world, they are amazed at an excellent architecture displayed by many of its ancient sites. Its teeming streets are always abuzz with tourists, pilgrims and priests, along with many immigrants from different countries. A walk through them can make it seem as though entering a bygone era.

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