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About Romania

Romania was visited by very few individuals about fifteen years back, but an increasing number of tourists are exploring this country after its transition from communism to democracy. One of the largest countries in European continent, this nation has a language of Latin origin and is a region where any traveler would feel comfortable. People visiting this land would also witness an unspoiled countryside with the rural civilization still very much alive. A truly interesting thing about Romania is the mineral and thermal springs that can be found in several places of the country. For a weary traveler, there would be no better place than Romania to unwind; as it has lush green mountains and beautiful natural surroundings that are far from bustling crowds.

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Human remains discovered in the Pestera cu Oase, a system of chambers in southwest Romania, suggest that some of the first modern humans lived in this region. The history of Romania can be dated back about 42,000 years, but the earliest recorded evidence of human presence in the country dates back to 440 BC. During those times, the Dacian kingdom controlled most of this region. In 106 AD, Roman emperor Trajan defeated Dacia and gained control over the region's southwestern parts. The middle ages saw the principalities of Wallachia, Moldavia and Transylvania being headed by Michael the Brave. Romania was greatly affected by the Balkan wars, World Wars and the subsequent violent struggles against communism, till it became a functional democratic state during the twenty-first century.

About 90 percent of population in this country is Romanian and 7 percent is Hungarian. A German-speaking population of about 1.5 percent can also be found in this country. Delicacies of Romania include meat wrapped in cabbage leaves, grilled meatballs, and pork stew with garlic and onions. People traveling to this region can enjoy some unique travel experiences, as they get to explore some of the best locations and architectural wonders. They would also get the chance to mix with the friendly and polite Romanian people during their journeys to different parts of this country.

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