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About Punta Cana...

Dotted with beautiful palm trees, Punta Cana is Dominican Republic's popular tourist destination. It has some of the most exciting beaches with several resorts along its coastal areas that offer plenty of facilities for travelers. Visitors can also find 'Balnearios' that are Latin American-styled resorts located along the seaside. Northern part of Punta Cana borders beaches of Bávaro and El Cortecito, while eastern part borders Atlantic Ocean. Spanish language is largely spoken in this region and very few people understand or speak English. This is the reason why tourists planning a visit to Punta Cana are advised to know certain basics of Spanish language.

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History of Punta Cana can be traced back to the times when Christopher Columbus set his foot on the island of Hispaniola, which is shared by Dominican Republic along with Haiti. At that time, it was inhabited by Taino Indians who extended a warm welcome to this great explorer. In his journal, Columbus described this island as a beautiful paradise with high mountainous forests and large river valleys. Later, gold was discovered in this region which resulted in its European occupation. The Europeans used African slaves as labor for their plantations which flourished on this island. By 1515, gold deposits were depleted and most of the Spanish people left this region, leaving behind a few settlers who sustained themselves by providing leather and food to Spanish ships passing the area. Pirates of the Caribbean became a part of history of the region during these times. Spanish control prevailed over this region till the end of seventeenth century when its western parts fell into the hands of the French. Sugar plantations flourished around this time and a slave revolt in 1791 led to the abolition of slavery by the French in 1794. During early nineteenth century, Spanish rule returned to the eastern parts. Finally on February 27, 1844, eastern part of this island declared its independence.

Today, Dominican Republic's east coast is popularly called Punta Cana. Over the past few years, demand for tourism in this region has grown tremendously. It is currently one of Caribbean's fastest growing travel destinations and is visited by numerous tourists who come from different parts of the world. Due to this huge influx of visitors, many hotels and resorts have come up in this area. This region also offers great facilities for golf and this has created great demand for Punta Cana among organizers of this sport. Travelers to this part of the world can also enjoy adventurous activities such as, catamaran rides and cave explorations. Many also like to unwind on its beautiful sandy beaches set against the backdrop of green palms, feeling a cool tropical breeze on them. Whether the individuals are on a last-minute vacation or a planned holiday trip, they would definitely have an exciting time in this region.

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