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About Phuket

Lined with several bays and sandy beaches, Phuket is the largest island of Thailand. Its name originates from the Malay word 'Bukit' which means 'hill', as it is what the island appears like when viewed from a distance. Tourists who visit this region can find plenty of things to do on its fabulous coasts. What they truly appreciate about Phuket is that it has still managed to retain its beauty and charm, while having undergone tremendous developments in the past few years. Its rainforest and coastline has received active protection from the authorities to conserve vast expanses of flora and fauna. With all these fascinating features, it has now become one of the most sought after tourist destinations in the world.

Written records from the colonial times suggest that this region was one of the major trade routes between China and India. Major powers of those times such as, the British, French and Dutch, competed for trade with Phuket owing to its rich reserves of tin. In late seventeenth century, King Narai gave significant controls of this region to the French in an attempt to reduce the British and Dutch influence. The Siamese revolution of 1688 resulted in expelling of the French from this island. In late eighteenth century, the Burmese attacked Phuket, but were forced to retreat by the wife of deceased governor and her sister. During the early twentieth century, Phuket became a province by itself.

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People who visit Phuket are enchanted by its beautiful landscapes and long strip of sands. They also get to have loads of fun with different kinds of activities like horseback riding, fishing, rock climbing and snorkeling. Scores of tourists arrive on this island every year to enjoy some quality time in its tranquil surroundings. While touring its neighborhoods, travelers would come across some of the most majestic structures that reflect Sino-Portuguese architecture. They can also explore various temples, ancient ruins and restored structures that make for truly awe-inspiring views.

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