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About Norway

Still considered as a mysterious and remote location by many, not much was heard about Norway for many years since the age of Vikings. Traveling in this country is a pleasant experience due to lesser number of people on the roads. What tourists like about Norway are the snow-capped peaks, sapphire blue fjords and vast areas of greenery. From being an impoverished nation in the late nineteenth century to earning a respectable position in the list of world's richest countries in recent times, Norway's economic development has been phenomenal.

From the Upper Paleolithic Age to the beginning of Bronze Age, this region was inhabited by prehistoric fishermen and hunters. During the period between 3000 to 2500 BC, Indo-European farmers made their appearance in this part of the world. Bronze is believed to have been introduced from 1500 BC. This was followed by the pre-Roman Iron Age, which saw the extensive use of tools made of iron. The Germanic tribes destroyed the Western Roman Empire during the 5th century, and the 9th century saw massive emigration of Viking seafarers. Norway's first Christian king was Haakon the Good, who ruled the country during mid-10th century. After the death of Haakon V, Sweden and Norway were unified under the rule of King Magnus VII. The union of Denmark, Norway and Sweden was affected under the rule of king Eric of Pomerania. Union between Norway and Sweden was dissolved in the year 1905 under Christian Michelsen, the Prime Minister of Norway from 1905 to 1907. The two World Wars had little effect on this country as compared to most of the other countries in Europe.

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Many of the Norwegians have a liking for outdoor life, which is made apparent by the number of well-known polar explorers, who hail from Norway. Tourists visiting this region greatly enjoy some marvelous sights like witnessing a midnight sun in summer season and northern lights during winters. Though Norway's farm culture has a huge influence on the nation and its people, the recent immigrations have given it a cosmopolitan feel which can be seen clearly in its cities.

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