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About Myanmar

Myanmar which was popular as Burma in historic times has a great historical and most dwindling cultural background. This tiny South Asian nation is surrounded by China on the East, and India on the west. Britain conquered this country and merged it into its Indian empire. In the pre British period many dynasties ruled this territory. On 4th January an independent republic called Union of Burma came into existence. Myanmar achieved independence from foreign rule and developed itself into an independent nation. This land of Buddha referred in the past as “Golden land” stands at junction of world's renowned civilizations like India and China. Hence the culture of Myanmar is a mix of the cultures of these countries along with the extra trends and traditions of the native tribal’s. What surprises many tourists about Myanmar are that Buddhism prospered so much in this country despite having originated in India. Great impact of this religion is seen on the routine life and culture of Myanmar. This country preserves some of the great monuments in the form of splendid pagodas and ancient temples. Traditions are preserved and passed on from one generation to other. This legendary land described in the mythological stories as the “Golden land” has world's most beautiful and charming landscapes, which inspired Kipling to write a few interesting lines on the beauty of the place. Discover this paradise by exploring its beauty in diversity imbibed in its gleaming pagodas, great archeological sites, splendid monuments, dazzling fairs and festivals and above all the bounty of nature which is experienced at every step. Myanmar has started entering a phase of liberalization after a long time of isolation. With the influx of large number of visitors this historic land has started accepting changes and reforms. Tourists are getting attracted to this destination mainly because of its untouched attractions and its cultural richness to be explored in its monuments, festivals, art as well as the tribal folk dances and music. The style of celebrating nightlife is still in its dormant stage. Presently means of celebrating nightlife like discos, pubs, clubs and bars are located inside the boundaries of major cities, whereas the countryside is still celebrating the night life in its traditional cultural style.

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