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About Montenegro

Known as 'Pearl of the Mediterranean', Montenegro has an abundance of natural wealth in the form of clear lakes, fabulous beaches, rushing rivers and beautiful mountains. This name makes people guess whether it is a South American country, but they often end up being surprised when they find out that this nation lies on the European map. Excellent weather conditions and many of its unique features invite plenty of tourists from different corners of the world to this region. One great thing about Montenegro is that it offers an amazing diversity in terms of natural surroundings, despite being a smaller nation. It is located in the heart of European continent on Balkan peninsula, adjacent to southern Adriatic Sea.

According to popular belief, the name 'Montenegro' was derived from the dense forests of Mount Lovcen, as they were so dark that the entire mountain appeared to be black in color. The territory of this country was known as 'Doclea' during the reign of Roman emperors. Christianity gained prominence in this region with the arrival of Slovenes during 7th century. Doclea was proclaimed Kingdom in the year 1077 after it got its independence, and was named Zeta, which means 'The Harvesters' in old Slavic languages. Turks took control over Montenegro in the year 1496 and combined it with Skadar province. During Petar I Petrovic's rule, the country achieved great victories over Turkish army and strengthened its independence. It got international recognition as a kingdom in 1910, as Europe was impressed with the successful battles that it had fought against Ottoman Empire. This region improved its status as a state and became one of the six republics of Yugoslavian federation after World War II. In the year 2006, it became an internationally recognized independent country.

Tourists can have many reasons to choose Montenegro as an ideal destination for spending their vacations. The coastal areas are a favorite among travelers who visit this country during summers, while the winter season is favored by people who wish to enjoy skiing and other such activities. Towns of this country are full of buildings that reflect varying styles of architecture, reminiscent of different periods in which they were created. Today, Montenegro is developing extreme sports in order to attract more number of tourists, which would ultimately boost the country's tourism industry.

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