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About Madrid ...

Spain information and facts about Spain reveal some of the important aspects related to Spain’s tourism. It is located on the Iberian Peninsula southwest of Europe and is beautifully separated into north and south by the Cantabrian Mountains. It comprises of mainland Spain, Canary Islands in the Atlantic and Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean. It is blessed with three major rivers. Madrid is the largest city and the capital of country situated in heart of the Castilian plain, which lies at the center of this peninsula. Madrid can be described as headquarters of Public Administration, a flourishing business center as well as home of the Spanish Parliament and the royal family. The city also encompasses major banking and industrial sectors with industries concentrated in the southern side of the city. It is cultural capital of the country and offers a fascinating night life. City of Madrid is most popular for its historical and cultural past which is nicely preserved in the many historic monuments of this city. Landmarks of the city include Prado Museum, Many churches encompassed in the city show impact of culture and religion on life of Madrid. Palacio real or the Royal palace of Spain is the major attraction for tourists visiting the country from many corners of the world. When we say Madrid or Spain automatically the bull fights and the applauding football stadiums are remembered since these two things are closely associated with the lives of the Spaniards.

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Madrid tourism is enriched with many attractions and wonderful activities. Plaza Mayor is the all in one boiling tourist spot of Madrid where you can experience many attractions of Madrid like flourishing markets, unique bullfights and dazzling Orchestras. Madrid’s great tourist potential is concealed in its every single attraction like Museums and its traditional cafes in neighborhoods of city offering a great pleasure to the visitors. About Madrid it can be said that this is the land of legendary personalities like Picasso and Madrid culture is enriched with the varieties observed in this land.

Madrid has a great share in Spain tourism as a whole. Visiting Madrid but not enjoying the flavors of flamenco is like visiting a Caribbean destination but not knowing, what a beach looks like. Basically flamenco is a wonderful Spanish dance form performed at the flamenco tablaos which are spread evenly in the city center. Madrid is the right venue for the food loving visitors, since Spanish cuisine has a great reputation amongst the European cuisines. The best experience for the foodies can be sitting in a café and gulping the Spanish omelet locally popular as Tortilla de Patata. Never allow chance to test a few other Spanish delicacies slip from tour hands, as long as you are in Madrid. Among the list of delectable food surprises a few like Jamon Serrano Gran Reserva, Cantabic Anchovies or Turron are the most taste specialties of the region. History of Madrid involves rise and destruction of many regimes.

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