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About Kuala Lumpur ...

On the surface, Kuala Lumpur appears to be an ultra-modern metropolis with tall buildings and excellent infrastructure. But most important of the facts about Kuala Lumpur is that it has managed to keep its cultural roots and traditions intact. Communities that have made this city their home include Malays, Chinese, South Indians and ethnic groups from eastern Malaysia. As a result, one can find diverse influences in its food, fashion, festivals, music and art. Tagline of Malaysian tourism, 'Truly Asia', suits best to its capital city, Kuala Lumpur. Despite challenges that it has faced over these years, the city rose from humble origins to become a modern metropolis of twenty-first century owing to determination of its residents. They affectionately call it KL, and have contributed immensely towards its social and economic setup. Travel guides that provide Kuala Lumpur information never forget to mention one of the tallest twin buildings in this world called Petronas Twin Towers located in this city, which has become a symbol of Malaysia's economic development.

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Beginnings of Kuala Lumpur date back to the 1850s, when Raja Abdullah, the Malay Chief of Klang, hired Chinese laborers for opening larger tin mines. Later, these mines developed into a trading post; eventually becoming a frontier town called Kuala Lumpur. Gangs of Chinese prospectors were engaged in frequent warfare which deeply impacted tin production. The local sultan appointed a Chinese head for the administration, but a civil war broke out in the town which is one of the darkest chapters in history of Kuala Lumpur associated with late nineteenth century. This prompted a British government representative, Frank Swettenham, to implement the new town plan. As a result, a railway line linked the town to Klang and a new city of Kuala Lumpur came into existence. It became the capital of Federated Malay States in the year 1896. It had to face a brutal occupation of Japanese forces, and even after declaring independence in 1957, it was rocked by riots between Chinese and Malay groups. The Malaysia information also mentions that this city officially became a federal territory after it was taken over by sultan of Selangor in the year 1974. It marked the beginning of its gradual economic development which has reached tremendous heights in recent times.

State-of-the-art facilities that have come up in this city over the past few years have been well-complemented with thriving art and cultural activities. Its architecture has certainly impressed travelers interested in Kuala Lumpur culture and its traditions, but a presence of older mansions amidst this city's modernity is equally pleasing. Presence of several communities has visibly provided a greater variety in cuisines, which is a fabulous treat for a tourist's taste buds. Today, Kuala Lumpur has also become well-known as a major shopping destination. People from different countries visit the city's elegant shopping malls during their tour, and walk home with various products that fetch them great discounts. But, what tourists know about Kuala Lumpur is that it not only provides a fantastic shopping experience, but also has fascinating cultural diversities.

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