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About Finland

Finland officially called the Republic of Finland is a Nordic country situated in Northern Europe, having borders with Sweden in the west, Russia to the east, Estonia to the South and Norway to the North. The huge country with its capital at Helsinki is divided into northern, southern and western Finland. The capital and largest city Helsinki is located in the southern Finland region. Coastal plains with a long stretch of coastal line are observed in the southern and western regions of this country. An amazing fact about Finland is that it is often referred to as a lake country due to the presence of numerous lakes. Central Finland is a lake plateau adorned with a great number of around sixty thousand lakes. Northern part of the country is densely forested upland whereas highest elevations and mountains are seen near Norwegian border. Present day Finland which was part of the Kingdom of Sweden was settled immediately after the last ice age which came to an end in 9000 BC. During this period majority of the Finnish speaking areas of Sweden were merged in the Russian Empire. Finland’s history is full of wars some of which were internal and others with the world's powers of those days. In 1917 Finland declared independence and since then it has maintained mixed economy. The country has maintained a flourishing economy and its GDP per capita is among the worlds highest. After surviving from a somewhat struggling economy in 1990s, it accepted changes for the betterment of the country and finally Finland became the member of European Union in the year 1995. Since then it kept on climbing the ladder of success and marched towards a better future by adopting the euro currency in 2002. The country has showed a consistent growth and ranks high as far as the factors like quality of life, booming technology and last but not the least the tourism sector which has shown a steep rise and a major influx of tourists in recent years. Culture of this country is a great combination of heritage having impact of the neighboring countries like Russia and Sweden. It represents traditional livelihoods, heritage of equal status and self sufficiency.

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A few cultural differences are seen in its regions but they are minor differences regarding different languages in these regions. Weather of Finland is somewhat diverse with warm summers and chilling winters, with month of July the hottest and February the coolest month. Finland’s wonders like Aurora Borealis, its innumerable islands, scenic lakes, dense forests and Lapland’s rich biodiversity are some of the invigorating attractions of this Nordic country which bring more and more tourists to this country.
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