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About Dubai ...

Dubai the lucrative destination and the business hub of Middle East located southwest of Persian Gulf on Arabian Peninsula is one of the seven Emirates which are collectively called as UAE. About UAE it can be said that it has established the best example of a society which can progress, if there is better planning in its administration. In the historic times this region was merely a desert with plenty of tribes engaged in looting and arson. After adapting the path of achieving progress, making good use of its natural resources visionaries of this country have placed the country on the top of the tourist destinations of this region. The county is blooming with peace and prosperity which attracts worldwide tourists to this Oasis of the Persian Gulf. The policies adopted have lifted Dubai tourism to great heights. Highlighting thing about Dubai at present is it has every pleasure of life within its reach, attracting expatriates of multiple nationalities to come here and find some means of earning money.

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Dubai Administration is always keen in planning future of the city to make it the most modern business hub and providing Dubai information to those interested in visiting the city. This city with the best infrastructural facilities and the most modern Airport of the region welcomes tourists and expatriates throughout the year. The city has drastically overcome its extreme climatic conditions along with scarce water resources. It has always concentrated on providing ultra modern amenities to its residents as well as the visitors, who stay here for a longer period forgetting their differences of nationalities and religions. Dubai the business center and financial capital of the country is on the forefront of arranging world class events and Shows. These events and the Dubai Shopping festival literally bring thousands of visitors to this destination. Dubai has many manmade wonders in the form of high rising towers, huge entertainment complexes, world’s most renowned supermarket and Hotel chains adding to the beauty of the city. Blessed with a long coastal line it has many golden sand beaches where one can relax peacefully under the beach umbrellas. At this destination which is preserving its unique Dubai culture, there is something to enjoy for everyone like adventure sports, nice places to enjoy with families and great shopping opportunities. Earlier a small fishing village, now Dubai is dazzling and flashing with charm and vigor throughout the year. Facts about Dubai are described below in details under separate headings.

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