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About Denmark

Denmark officially called Kingdom of Denmark is located to the South west of Sweden and it is bordered with Germany. This Nordic country is made up of Jutland peninsula and some of the islands in the Baltic Sea generally referred as Danish Archipelago made up of four thirty three islands. All seventy two inhabited Danish islands are connected either with a bridge or regular ferry boat service. The two largest and most densely populated islands are Zealand and Funen. Its history revolves around its geographical location between North and Baltic seas or more precisely between Germany and Sweden having a sixty eight km border with Germany. The country is divided into five main regions as well as Ninety eight local authorities for better administration. Copenhagen the dazzling capital of Denmark is also a great economic, cultural, and administrative center of the country. Most of the land of Denmark is adorned with green cover and around twelve percent is covered with deciduous forests, marshlands and meadows. Apart from these natural resources, there many more things about Denmark that tourist would be amazed of, such as, large number of lakes, which add to the beauty of this green region. More than seven thousand km of coastline and many islands in the region provide ample opportunities of water sports like yachting, swimming, and windsurfing. Weather of Denmark is mild and temperate and changes from region to region. Due to its northern location in Europe longer days are observed during summers, whereas days become shorter during winters. The shortest and longest days of this Scandinavian region are celebrated with a traditional touch. Apart from its Viking past full of wars and controversies, present day Denmark is more like a ideal European country with a liberal policy, blooming economy and a stable control by the constitutional monarchs.

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. All these plus points attract a continuous flow of tourists from the neighboring countries. The sandy beaches of the country attract maximum Swedish, German and Norwegian tourists, who along with the fun of the beaches enjoy a stay in Copenhagen. They are attracted by the taste of all time popular less costly beer, wines and hot drinks. This fairytale country has a great cultural and historical background which is rich in arts. Culture of Denmark prospered in the post war period with introduction of theaters, museums and film institutes. Folk dances of 20th Century are preserved and presented by various groups as a national heritage.

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