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About Croatia

Croatia, officially known as Republic of Croatia, is a country located in Central Europe. It borders with Hungary to the North, Serbia in the east and Montenegro and Adriatic Sea to the South. Topography of the country shows that it is composed of Pannonian Basin, Dinaric Alps and the Adriatic basin with most of the region consisting of lowlands. It is gifted with a vast coastline of Adriatic Sea with nearly one thousand two hundred fifty islands that add another four thousand km of coastline. Croatian history indicates that it was a kingdom ruled by rulers in the historic times. In the twentieth century it was a socialist republic part of communist Yugoslavia. Preparations for independence started long back but the country gained independence in June 1991 and republic of Croatia came into existence. This region withstanding the blows of wars and social reforms was normalized after the collapse of the communist regime and peace returned to this tiny nation making it possible for further progress and growth of economy. Interstate commerce and cultural exchanges started a flow of visitors and tourists to this once secluded region. Presently tourism in Croatia is a well developed industry, attracting visitors to its invigorating extensive coastline. Tourist potential of the country is hidden in its historical monuments, huge coastal region, many islands and islets and variety of wildlife in the national parks. What adventure tourists like about Croatia are the facilities available for them like yachting, kayaking, river rafting, sailing, diving and rock climbing.

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Croatia can be easily reached by air, land and sea. Weather of this central European country is moderate and the best time to visit is between April and September, which is supposed to be the peak tourist period. Shopping can be enjoyed with a mix of top notch shopping outlets, malls, local markets and street stalls. Some of the world's wonders like Pula Arena and Hvar town are the most favored tourist’s destinations and pride of Croatia. Croatia has recently become a member of the European Union however it is not part of the Schengen area, hence immigration control is still applicable but travelers from other EU state can travel freely without additional documents.
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