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About Cambodia

Cambodia the land of Khmers previously known as Kampuchea, is located in the Indochina peninsula of Southeast Asia surrounded by Thailand, Vietnam and Laos to the northeast. History of this country is dominated with a harsh period of deployed by some of the hardcore regimes. Mekong is the big river flowing from North to South. Plains cover three quarters of the Cambodian land, which are surrounded by dense forests and mountainous region including Cadamom Mountain of the western region and Elephant mountains in the Southwest. The Elephant range is the extension of Cardamom Mountains having an elevation ranging from five hundred to one thousand meters. The country has a huge coastline of around four thirty five km. and undisturbed mangrove patches. Official religion followed by around ninety five percent people of this country is Thearavada Buddhism. Hence attractions of Cambodia are dominated mostly by ancient Buddhist temples and pagodas. Population of the country is composed of majority around ninety-five percent ethnic Khmers. Other than this there are Khmer Loeus the highland tribes and Chams, who are the refugees of the kingdom of Champa as well as Chinese who are the largest ethnic minority group. What tourists find interesting about Cambodia is the seventh wonder of the world, which is nothing else but Angkor Wat, a temple complex which was built in the twelfth century with a record construction time of thirty years. Angkor the archeological excellence created by King Suryavarman II located at Siem Reap is the most important archeological site in South East Asia and is spread on a huge area of around four hundred sq. km. The complex consists of many temples and water bodies like canals, reservoirs and basins, which serve as the best means of transportation. Weather of Cambodia is tropical wet type resembling that of its Asian neighbors which is dominated by heavy monsoons. Since 1990 the country has undergone major economic reforms and transformed itself into a market economy offering better infrastructural facilities for the tourist. Tourism is the third largest sector of its economy and second largest revenue earner in this country.

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