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About Borneo

Borneo, world’s third largest island whose territory is distributed between the three countries Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei is located to the east of Sumatra and north of Java in Southeast Asia. This biggest island of Asia and tropical heaven is dominated by beautiful rainforests, unspoiled sandy beaches and the oldest and bio-diverse rainforest. The island is habituated by major ethnic groups like coastal Malays and the Dayak’s. Borneo has a mixed cultural heritage of the tribal’s and the Chinese, who settled here before many years. This beautiful island of Borneo was formed by volcanic eruptions in the prehistoric times. It is adorned with diverse landscape of huge mountains and a wide spread coastline. This tropical paradise has treasures of wildlife and marine life enveloped in its dense forests and the turquoise blue waters. With so much diversity in every aspect like culture, changing landscapes, cultivation and the rare wildlife it is a hotspot for tourists coming here from many corners of the world to witness the splendors and wonders associated with Borneo. Blessed with equatorial climate the island is bright with year round sunshine and warmth of the beaches. Even though this island nation has adopted changes in modern times, still they are preserving the prestigious culture inherited from historical times. Borneo welcomes tourists with a legendary hospitality of the tribal’s, which is backed with its unending resources and tourist potential. An amazing thing about Borneo tourism is that it covers lots of adventure, exclusive sightseeing, exploring some of the serene beaches, heading for excursions in the nearby jungles and witnessing its unique wildlife, which is the heart and soul of this largest Asian island. If you are energetic and love adventure Mt. Kinabalu the highest mountain of the region welcomes you for conquering its summits, which offers some explicit views of the surrounding region.

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